soul food ~ a decima

What do you want to order in?

Oh! Soul food or nothing at all

Under what cuisine would that fall?

Just a sec…I’m introspecting

Is it Asian or Italian?

Hmm… It could be both or neither

Please dear soul…decide and order

I want to eat what my mom makes

I’ll have those awesome jammy cakes

or her quite random buddha bowl

they’ve left a footprint in my soul

That’s the food to which my soul wakes


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronowan Writes Decima challenge – Fall in B in rhyme abbaaccddc

Neeraj’s photo challenge at MindLoveMisery

FOWC introspective

RDP footprint

Jude’s Saturday Symphony – soul food

17 thoughts on “soul food ~ a decima

  1. Nice. Here in the South we always think Soul Food means the food from here Black people had to come up with because of what they were given way back when and made it their own. Of course, it has a lot to do with Southern cooking in general, but you’re right. Soul Food is just that, food that feeds and warms the soul based on who made it for who, when, and why.

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    1. I did think literally here 😀 There are foods I used to hate as a child but would give an arm and a leg for my mom to make it for me… feels just right…
      Thank you for reading and writing in. And thank you for the challenges and keeping conversations happening


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