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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Category: Tanka

  • red ~ a tanka

    red ivy scramblescovering earth’s blemishesin lace overcoatAutumn’s runway readyFall fashion never fails ~ Mindfills – kigo tsuta (Japanese red ivy), Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – rule in 16 words; FOWC flavour

  • clouds seethe ~ tanka

    clouds seethe in slow burn blue fire rips starred canopylightning tongue sears eyesNeon signs flash warning signalsDon’t go chasing thunderstorms Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ The Nature of lightning; Moonwashed Musings ~ thunderstorms ;

  • laburnum ~ a tanka

    laburnum lanternflying off on a wild romance~ whirlwind spins her dreamstheatrical summer’s end leaves legacy of first love Moonwashed Musings ~ theatrics; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ legacy; Cee’s FOTD; RDP ~ lantern

  • forest ~ a tanka

    forest fires ragescarred world dons bullet-proof facegrass arrows piercewater scorches open woundsblood flows free into red sea *** Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays – Fire and water, Ronovan Writes haiku challenge – free & world, Sadje’s wdys , go dog go cafe’s promote yourself mondays. Make peace please

  • before ~ a tanka

    before sunset fallsfor the tall dark unknown night~ stay awhile with metomorrow the winds will changecome, let’s make a memory Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays – photoprompt

  • shadows ~ a tanka

    shadows of the past tugged gently in by sunshine shrugs off winter ice pale pink possibilities blossom even in the shade *** Cee’s FOTD, Colleen’s Tanka Tuesdays – poet’s choice & GoDogGo cafe’s prompt – shadows of the past

  • moonlit ~ a tanka

    moonlit velvet skiestranquility shiversstars sprinkle silvera bouquet of baby’s breathgalaxies wrap for my tribe Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays – synonyms only – family & peace (tribe, tranquility) & Eugi’s weekly prompt – bouquet

  • all set ~ a tanka

    all set to soar skiesher spry spirit savours lifebeyond happinessbundles of rainbows ink skiespainting freedom to just be ***Mindfills for… Eugi’s weekly prompt – happiness Sammi Scribbles Weekend writing prompt – ink – 22 wordsFOWC – bundle

  • meadows ~ a tanka

    eiderdown meadowsmushrooms and marshmallows~ unpack camping kitwilderness plays puerile prankand hides away my car keys *** Mindfills for Eugi’s weekly prompt – meadows,Cee’s FOTD , Go Dog Go Cafe – Amanda and Frazier ask us to write a poem ending with the word – key, &FOWC kit

  • time trickles ~ a tanka

    time trickles awaymoments melt into maybesspring blossoms againdesigning the universefrom her whimsical viewpoint *** dVerse OLN hosted by Linda, Eugi’s weekly prompt – viewpoint, MindLoveMisery’s photo challenge hosted by Neeraj

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