Him ~ a Haibun

tenebrous skies

shrouding glacial capsules

biding mountain time

Lower Manang, a five-hut stop before the last climb to Thorong-La – La it must be said here, is the Tibetan word for a high altitude pass – filled to the last sleeping bag with trekkers waiting for a break in the skies, for the sun to give the flag-off, so five days of snow here and higher up, recalcitrant ice (and frozen shoelaces) melt, so visibility could break the two foot limitation, so the promised omnipresence of majestic mountains may deign to manifest. And they did. It took only a moment for the clouds to abracadabra the sun. The Annapurnas hung between earth and sky, their arms, in white vestements, inviting, for an eternal embrace, the entire universe. All we had known was grey. Now, a frosted window pane framed a sapphire blue glacial lake, another, a cabbage patch with cones of white snow on mint green sphericals. Shoelaces thawed. Silent, awestruck, human elements perpended the humility of existence

wondrous wizened world

infinitesimally immense

when inward eyes open


Mindfills for dVerse – Lillian’s One shining moment – a Haibun

Little note here – Him – is Sanskrit for snow (not person with gender…although…;) Also, this is my first attempt at Haibun!


She didn’t care for my gold spectacles
Nor for that purple shirt I wear
Yet we broke all the rules to connect
And turned out to be a pair

I didn’t care for her obdurate will
Or her stridulate won’ts that rent the air
Still, this girl, this beautiful heartfill
Is my life’s darling darling affair

Smell of romance washes our days
Wet with moments that meet our lips
Fingerlaced with virtue of our own ways
We’re resiliently attached at the hip

Fighting downfalls in any weather
Never looking backwards since our first date                                        Informally we’ve been us forever I want the world to know she’s my mate


Mindfills‘ 200th post 🙂 for JibberJabber’s spectacle & JibberJabber’s connect & MindLoveMisery’s wordle – wet downfall beautiful wash girl smell resilient informal attach backwards virtue stridulate & Cee’s FOTD