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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: human emotion

  • I woke up a ghost ~ free verse

    I woke up a ghostfound myself floundering’tween two realms,both nebulous and nonsensical,splitting my twin self,splicing my consciousness, as I floated in momentous blissinto what happened next Mindfills for Eugi’s Moonwashed Musings ~ nonsensical; FOWC ~ flounder ; Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt ~ momentous in 32 words; Linda Hill’s SOCS twin & tween

  • Keep voice soft~MTB

    Keep voice soft as nectar pleaseLike springtime soap bubblesWhat’s happening to me?When wild wind murmurs her nameChanting night’s soothing symphonyFinger painting dreamsCalling it wisdomChurning out new daysAs indeed I indulge, concede, and say Yes!Home is closeThere’s no tomorrowAnd it’s not midnight…yet Mindfills for dVerse MTB ~ in the end is my beginning hosted by Laura. […]

  • Creativity Forms Verses ~ Atoz

    David  of The Skeptic’s Kaddish and Sangeetha of Mindfills began a fun poetry partnership in April. We celebrated writing together a 100 verse renga The Hyakuin, Ripples.  And within days, decided we would absolutely love to continue our writing collaboration and celebrate what has grown to be a warm friendship with new poetry projects. We decided to explore poetry forms. A […]

  • candy ~ a quadrille

    Candy floss cloudstrail sirens of sunsetin foolish hopeof a maybe Twilight rainsicy blue frostdressed upin sparkles Window pane shiversimpatiently waiting for your silk voiceto melt the cold I wait for youmy winter-cozy;Come home to soupYours, warmly Mindfills for dVerse quadrille (a poem of 44 words) ~ warmly;

  • You ~ free verse

    You have been warnedYou’ll be hypnotizedI will count to threeBe still as a treeYour breath steadyYour eyes heavyFingers fuzzyAsleep alreadyTop of your head tinglesraining gentle tendrilsof mother’s kindnessof nature’s mildness Your shoulders are lighterYour lips turn the cornerAnd you are freeTo just beWhenever you pleaseListen to this peace Make every battle endMake silence your revenge […]

  • sea shells ~ free verse

    sea shells beached on white sandsin blissful after-lifecurves, curls, runesquiet in respitequiet in remembranceof an epic of earth’s music of stories swum through with the one otherof what we, even in our infinite imagination can only call fantasy Mindfills for dVerse OLN

  • spring ~ haiku chain

    sunlight and springtimewoken by my mother’s kisswhile you were sleeping yellow dust pinwheelssoaring skylarks stop to watchred plum blossoms’ glee dandelions dodge lovestruck breeze trailing behind~ springtime soap bubbles Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD ; David’s W3 hosted by the winner, Aishwarya ~ haiku series, must include the word mother, juxtapose opposition and refer to a […]

  • Lucky ~

    Lucky lotus …happy with muddy feet *** Mindfills for Reena’s Exploration challenge ~ cesspool; shweta’s six word story ~ luck; Cee’s FOTD

  • I will ~ free verse

    I will knock twice She’ll know it’s me “You’ve left your keys Once again silly” Her voice teases My heart still trips When she trails my name on her lips In all the time her grief she hid She wanted me to ask I never did Years have rushed There’s no one home You only […]

  • In the quiet ~ free verse

    In the quietour eyes knowthe truth of usand of us alone In one breathbeyond the wordrunes write dreamsfor you and me In the nightI turn to youyour heart is openhome is close