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  • I woke up a ghost ~ free verse

    I woke up a ghostfound myself floundering’tween two realms,both nebulous and nonsensical,splitting my twin self,splicing my consciousness, as I floated in momentous blissinto what happened next Mindfills for Eugi’s Moonwashed Musings ~ nonsensical; FOWC ~ flounder ; Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt ~ momentous in 32 words; Linda Hill’s SOCS twin & tween

  • crashing ~ a tanka

    crashing into bloomsbee bumbles on silly high~ drunk driving gets cellblack and yellow stripes scream loudkeep voice soft as nectar please Mindfills for FOWC high; Cee’s FOTD; dVerse Poetics ~ a drinking connection hosted by Punam

  • fate ~ a haiku

    fate of laburnums~ fountain of yellow floretspleased to spray-paint eyes *** Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Haiku challenge ~ fate & pleased; FOWC fountain;

  • red ~ a tanka

    red ivy scramblescovering earth’s blemishesin lace overcoatAutumn’s runway readyFall fashion never fails ~ Mindfills – kigo tsuta (Japanese red ivy), Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – rule in 16 words; FOWC flavour

  • Tobacco haze

    Tobacco hazeSpider web climbs nape of neckThere’s no going backTobacco haze Forest fire smouldering stillIn hollow, no owlSpider web climbs nape of neckWillows shudder without knowing whyMemories fog mirrorThere’s no going backCharcoal runes predict new pathNo crumbs lead the way Mindfills for FOWC predict; Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ specific form, Troiku; Sadje’s wdys

  • Brittle promises ~ free verse

    Brittle promises,riding breezily on a rice paper boat on choppy oceans of this random universe,Whimsy as its clumsy sailof patchwork patterns cut out from life,Chance as its wayward hope,earnestly tying new born souls with tinsel.What if tomorrow comes?What if the gods renege? *** Mindfills for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt ~ renege in 49 words; […]

  • you can’t see it ~ a free verse

    you can’t see ita labyrinth of roots from across timecrawling crevices,blindly scraping, with darkened breath,wishing life or something like it,on unfinished stories, strung haphazardly on the sinuous washing line of life,restlessly fluttering, thrust by the winds of wanting, to push through this wet, heavy, iron blanket of earthone blade of grassto speak to the last […]

  • collide ~ free verse

    when hearts collide,with astounding awkwardness, breath recoilsspeech stumbles on hungry silencetoes curl in to fight the freezeflight of nervesleaves the rest of life to bewithout historyslate wiped so cleansoul and senses in disagreementwith who started it allthis opera of stars playing with our fatewhich instant did it all beginto rush blood in our veinswhen did […]

  • return ~ free verse

    return of mad monsoonface peers out from umbrellarain pellets drench skinglee hits soulflowers sample freshly watered airbreath fogs rear-view mirroryesterdays rush byan encore begins Mindfills for Eugi’s weekly prompt – Encore, Sammi Cox’s weekend writing challenge – Return, 31 words, FOWC sample, Cee’s FOTD

  • Look what ~ a free verse

    Look what the past dragged inGrains of truth wait to be winnowedAnger grumbles in unvoiced angstMounds of regret sulk forgottenApologies lie locked in vaults of silenceNostalgia strokes half a woundHesitant footsteps shuffle ashamedWhen blue skies and sunrays unfurl a picnic dayWe draw the blinds and squander it away Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge, Fandango’s FOWC […]