Would you?

would you question someone so beautiful

if you knew you’ll always be together

warm as the insides of a snug hug

familiar in consent and in dissent

tenacious and trusting in times apart

pauciloquent in honey melded silence

interlaced for hours in contentment

intimate in the tracings of tenderness

assured your eyes can sleep because it is home

would you question someone so beautiful

when you know the answers don’t matter at all


Mindfills by s.s. for

FOWC snug
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Word of the day challenge – pauciloquent

alive ~ a decima

pollen to petal

…while flailing fires of feelings fight
daring to keep dreams adrift
floating on as life’s precious gift
of the next or last breath burns bright
lighting up all that’s true and right
with a stubborn will to survive
beyond the everyday and thrive
to be human in every way
be thrilled to work and dance and play and beguiled to keep hope alive…


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse hosted by Peter Frankis – endings/beginnings
Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – Gift in B rhyme
Cee’s FOTD
FOWC guile

Fizz ~ a decina

Awoken by the sound of fizz

I peeped through my lashes of sleep

plucked up temerity to peep

and found my friends thrilled to their gills

laughing loud over lagerfills

They saw me on the top of the stairs

and aimed a can up in the air

the draught brought the beer straight to me

which I caught with dexterity

This sip of fizz beyond compare


Mindfills by s.s for

Ronovan Writes Decima challenge…Sleep in B rhyme abbaaccddc

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FOWC temerity