All ~ a sonnet

All it ever takes, is a single breath,
a tendril touch that leaves the heart agape,
wondrousness springing in velveteen stealth,
imbuing blush pink in every cloudscape
of my lost soul that just met its mirror
this beatific, erotic reflection
staring unblinking at the other
in the afterglow of recognition

Your eyes that look through mine and goes beyond
our time and space and imagination
into worlds we resolve to build and bond
where we are limitless; yet, we are one
merging, melding, in the infinity,
all in that one sweet breath you took with me


Mindfills of s.s. for Cee’s FOTD, OctPoRiMo – sonnet ABABCDCD EFEFG 10 syllables in each line, using words agape, erotic, breath, wondrousness, dVerse OLN, Eugi’s weekly prompt – afterglow, FOWC resolve

a new sun ~ an englyn cyrch

A new sun sprints across skies
as ripe golden beams surprise
extreme scowls into bright smiles
Watch a while...Oh how time flies


FOWC extreme & MLM’s synonyms (young(new), old(ripe), yellow(golden), run(sprint), frown(scowl)) & Sadje’s what do you see.

Written in englyn cyrch – a Welsh poetry form – quatrains of 7 syllables per line, lines 1,2,4 rhyme with each other and line 3 rhymes with a syllable somewhere in the middle of line 4.

glass case ~ a dizain

coz I’m in a glass case of emotion
curious eyes peer right into my tears
their noses pressing on the frosty pane
looking through the fog of my utmost fears
slyly searching past how I appear
I look around for a shelter to hide
but all of the outside is my inside
scattered are the shards of my silent scream
sweat mists my mind and I turn on my side
Is this real or am I in a dream?


Mindfills for

dVerse Poetics hosted by Mish. We are to use a line from a movie! I chose this
‘I’m in a glass case of emotion’ – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, 2004

Go Dog Go CafeDizain poetry : 10 line stanza, 10 syllables each, ababbccdcd – hosted by Donna Matthews

FOWC – search

Oh May! ~ a haibun

Oh May! Our old wicker basket sits skewed, a bottle of red tilting the scales in favour of lightbulbs going off under my skin as your laughter booms and scatters my once lucid thoughts. The full moon beams bright, bathing the night and us in mulled vanilla.

We lie back, staring at the stars, strewn, along with the contents of the last midnight picnic in our wild windswept garden. Tomorrow your journey into another life begins. Tomorrow you leave. “Those rose bushes need trimming Sweetie,” you say. I say Hmm…

let me stare at you
my sweet flower-moon of May
next month, you’ll be June’s


Mindfills for

dVerse Haibun Monday hosted by Frank Tassone – Flower moon
FOWC lucid
Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays– travel/journeys

I ~ a tetractys

on a feeling
bearing uncanny resemblance to love

a beatific, eerie, joyous, scary
emotion bloomed
through the cracks
of my


Mindfills for….

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – eerie 24 words
Crispina Kemp’s Crimsons creative challenge
FOWC – uncanny
MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – to write a form of poetry … Double Tetractys! 1/2/3/4/10/10/4/3/2/1. It was really interesting to read on MLM about the Tetractys being the British version of a haiku!