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Getting lost is not a waste of time


  • lively ~ haiku

    lively lip lockingbees, blooms, pollen, nectar, kiss~summer speed dating Mindfills © 2023  for FOWC lively Cee’s FOTD Iris May 21 Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of short, unrhymed lines. These lines can take various forms of brief verses. However, the most common structure of haiku features three lines of five, seven, and…

  • If I ~ free verse

    If I write a book of poemswhat would the cover be?The colour of emotions Quite the ordinaryOn it basks an inchoate image that tugs a memoryA scrawl of every heartonly you can seeTattooed on it’s inviting spinetrails a question to teaseYou’d want to draw it out, turn it, and read”If you’ve ever felt at all,You’ll…

  • She lies ~ free verse

    She lies calmThe wind is silentNothing touches herIn her veinsBlood runs goldenDistilled to perfectionCovered in camouflageScars scorned for their storyBeyond salvageAll of her past Is stored in the loftAbove all elseShe lies calmThe wind is silentNothing can touch her For Sadje’s wdys; Fandango’s FOWC ~ salvage, RDP Monday ~ golden ; GoDogGo cafe’s promote yourself…

  • Beauty ~ free verse

    Beauty, breathtakingly hypnoticTime, a stroboscopic narcoticHuman, relinquish resistanceRise above dubious existence For Moonwashed Musings ~ dubious. Sammi Scribbles ~ breathtaking (14 words); dVerse OLN; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ word cloud – hypnosis, trance, entrainment, wavelength,stroboscopic; FOWC ~ relinquish; Cee’s FOTD Mindfills © 2023  

  • memories ~ a senryu

    memories like veinsradiate intoxicatedhindering heartbeats Cee’s FOTD; FOWC hinder; RDP radiate

  • rain ~

    Rain drip dropsmops up buttercupssneak peak aboveLove, feel realpleasure calls, falls lashes, splashes facegraced by sighsof loud cloudsmelting paradise ice pitter patter on windowOh! winds bringsounds I foundchild’s wild delightbrightens up moments sings of imaginingstingles tangle sensessentences chit chaton roof groovesslip sliding waterlaughter fills thrillsflows rainbows spelltravel with small parasolspuddles puzzled whysky power showersPreposterous! Mindfills…

  • scented ~ haiku

    scented summer breezeswept off by a random dreaminto daffodils *** Mindfills for FOWC ~ swept; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ random dreams; Cee’s FOTD

  • Karma ~ a free verse

    Karma calls.Balance sheets, black and red,teeter to stay upright;Whimsical expenses peek from under the carpetOne moment for a chunk of my soul;Debate and discuss dogmas on the weighted average of love and acrimony;Midnight may birth a new year,but for now,Between is just another placewhile Karma audits Mindfills for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt ~ acrimony…

  • I woke up a ghost ~ free verse

    I woke up a ghostfound myself floundering’tween two realms,both nebulous and nonsensical,splitting my twin self,splicing my consciousness, as I floated in momentous blissinto what happened next Mindfills for Eugi’s Moonwashed Musings ~ nonsensical; FOWC ~ flounder ; Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt ~ momentous in 32 words; Linda Hill’s SOCS twin & tween

  • crashing ~ a tanka

    crashing into bloomsbee bumbles on silly high~ drunk driving gets cellblack and yellow stripes scream loudkeep voice soft as nectar please Mindfills for FOWC high; Cee’s FOTD; dVerse Poetics ~ a drinking connection hosted by Punam

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