parting baby leaves

stretching to catch some sunshine

meet never again


Mindfills by s.s.

Ronovan’s Haiku challenge – meet and part, FOWC catch, Cee’s FOTD

My poems salacious, moyuru and  Camellia have been featured in Whispers and Echoes, a delightful online selection of out of the ordinary short writing. Please do check out Whispers and Echoes.

Once upon

Once upon a monastery

the glorious evening gong rang

delighting butter lamps that sang

hymns hallowed in earth’s memory

of those gentle souls soaring free

letting go bitter contentions

that occupy man’s emotions

obsessed with the ultimate prize

an elixir to eulogise

~ a bridge across human heavens


Mindfills by s.s. for

JibberJabber Sue’s – memories

Ronovan writes Decima challenge – Prize in D. abbaaccddc

FOWC contentious

Pensitivity Three things challenge – occupy bitter bridge

Norm’s Thursday doors – Aug 6 – The monastery door picture was taken in Leh, India 2017

my next world ~ a haibun

On my 10th birthday, my mother hid 10 gifts all around our 100 year old mansion and sprawling garden. I found one wrapped in blue stars on a high (higher than me) branch of a juggernaut of a jackfruit tree, one tiny golden gift sewn to the top of the dining room curtain, one hidden in red mittens inside the oven….you get the drift…it was wonderland and I was princess.

That night my mom said to me, much after I’d blown the candles and all of that…’ when you make a wish, have no limitations. Now close your eyes and imagine you in your wish’. I wished for magical worlds like the ones in the books I’d been reading , ones I could go have an adventure in. In a wink of just a few weeks my family lost everything. I got my new world. To the 10 year old me, who learnt to do dishes and get groceries, it was strangely fun. In a few months we moved across continents and I had my new world yet again. And again…

This August, as our lives go up in a curve we want to see plateau and our hearts scatter wishes like dandelions into the wind, I crane my neck to see around the corner. What’s my next world like?

My August calendar

flush with post-its pinned to a

staircase to somewhere


Mindfills by s.s. for

Eugi’s weekly prompt – August

dVerse’s Haibun Monday – Birthday

MindLoveMisery’s photo challenge

Colleen’s Tanka Tuesdays – Poet’s Choice #189

FOWC juggernaut

A funny thing

A funny thing happened

on my way to Piccione’s kitchen

where the smell of pizzas

came lighting up dark hunger

when a pigeon post arrived

and was given a slice

before it departed

into the rain

and I ask Piccione’s chef

Are the pizzas Pepperoni?

“No” he said with some pizazz

They’re peristeronic!


Mindfills by s.s. for

MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – light dark arrive depart

FOWC pizazz, FOWC rain

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt #168

Go dog go – Promote yourself Monday

MindLoveMisery’s writing in context – a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen/ bedroom/laundry

My poems salacious and moyuru have been featured in Whispers and Echoes, an delightful online selection of out of the ordinary short writing. Please do check it out

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