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Getting lost is not a waste of time

enchanted ~ a decima

How far does optimism go?

Let’s find out…join me for the ride

coz only when you’re by my side

I see rainbows in tomorrows

ribbons of music tied with a bow

gifts of the yet undiscovered

lyrics to heydays up ahead

So string along your old guitar

Darling, let’s sing along with our

imaginings, stay enchanted…


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronovan’s Decima prompt Ride in B abbaaccddc

Reena’s exploration challenge – How far does optimism go?

Cee’s pick me up – music is the divine way & FOTD

dVerse OLN hosted by Linda…..

32 responses to “enchanted ~ a decima”

    • Truth and optimism as two opposing thoughts….that’s got me thinking 🙂
      Really appreciate your writing in. Thank you so much


  1. When there is someone at your side, it really helps to see joy stretched out before you. Reminds me of the Against Me! lyric, “333 say the thing with me, all the devils that you don’t know, can all come along for the ride, I want to get as close as I can get to you.” 🙂
    Lovely poem. 🙂

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