winter ~ a free verse

photo ~ sangeetha, pangarchulla trail 2021
skinny twigs of mighty trees
flailing brittle arms,
with faux bravado, fighting cold

frigid sky purses thin blue lips
shuts off pleas
its not me! Winter's your foe

wicked wild wind wooshes ruthless
chilling earth to the core
ice crusted air ferries flakes of snow

survival is moot, fear is visceral
our esprit de corps is manacled
teeth chatter a staccato


MLM’s Saturday mix – faux,foe, core, corps; Cee’s FOTD , FOWC visceral, dVerse OLN

If you ~ a trinet

If you
stay until
morning curves its arms around us
I will wake first and make us
sugar dusted
two coffees
one mug

If you
call out
my name for nothing at all
I will tell the air we breathe
to play
for you
our song

If you
forget me
there's a note in your pocket
with my number and my heart
so love,
we can
begin again


Mindfills for dVerse’s Open Link Live hosted by Sanaa. I love Pablo Neruda’s  poetry and I’m inspired by the poem she posted- if you forget me. I’m trying a poetry form suggested on MLM, a Trinet – composed of 2/2/6/6/2/2/2 words, three verses.

cascades ~ prosery

Cascades of thought rush from my toes, washed in ever-flowing, evanescent rivers of time. Yesterday lures my yearning heart into watching with wonder, photographs in sepia, through windows life leaves open. My logical mind wants to make connections. The cold air, the warm scent of my mother, the uncertainty of my next breath as the clutter of consciousness overwhelms the moment. By thoughts, I am bombarded yet I stand. Still. In an attempt to be aware. Just be aware, of nothing more than the hum of the universe to soothe my soul.


Mindfills for dVerse Prosery hosted by Merril – “I am bombarded yet I stand” by Adrienne Rich, and for MLM’S photo prompt

booked ~ a haiku sequence

pressed into old book
papered for preserving pasts
~ purple petunia

vellichor conjures
veritably verdant view
~ vintage vanity

pages reminisce
as I leaf through yesterdays
~ bibliophile beams

history arrives
uncoloured by how or why
~ a forever present

for scribes and readers
time survives in each story
~ to be continued...

Mindfills for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing promptvellichor 48 words, MLM’s same but different – live survive, green verdant, see view, smile beam, fair uncoloured, Cee’s FOTD

a new sun ~ an englyn cyrch

A new sun sprints across skies
as ripe golden beams surprise
extreme scowls into bright smiles
Watch a while...Oh how time flies


FOWC extreme & MLM’s synonyms (young(new), old(ripe), yellow(golden), run(sprint), frown(scowl)) & Sadje’s what do you see.

Written in englyn cyrch – a Welsh poetry form – quatrains of 7 syllables per line, lines 1,2,4 rhyme with each other and line 3 rhymes with a syllable somewhere in the middle of line 4.

waddle ~ a decima

Waddle as fast as you can mom
and stay behind me real close
Just past the moor, the story goes…
That small secret elven kingdom,
T’was uprooted in last night’s storm
Let’s go back home to get elves more
of the green leek cake I adore
Look! the dark blue leaks!
And even if I puff my cheeks
I’ll get drenched. Let’s fly indoors!


Mindfills for

Crispina Kemp’s Crimsons creative challenge
MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – homophones leek and leak; moor and more
Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – cheek in D rhyme – abbaaccddc

I ~ a tetractys

on a feeling
bearing uncanny resemblance to love

a beatific, eerie, joyous, scary
emotion bloomed
through the cracks
of my


Mindfills for….

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – eerie 24 words
Crispina Kemp’s Crimsons creative challenge
FOWC – uncanny
MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – to write a form of poetry … Double Tetractys! 1/2/3/4/10/10/4/3/2/1. It was really interesting to read on MLM about the Tetractys being the British version of a haiku!