we are us ~ a nonet

showering into our searching souls
skies and stars from aeons ago
stream lights into me and you
silver flares all aglow
searing truths of love
songs from the runes
so we know
we are


Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays – ekphrastic challenge MLM‘s lucky dip –  nonet

waddle ~ a decima

Waddle as fast as you can mom
and stay behind me real close
Just past the moor, the story goes…
That small secret elven kingdom,
T’was uprooted in last night’s storm
Let’s go back home to get elves more
of the green leek cake I adore
Look! the dark blue sky..it leaks!
And even if I puff my cheeks
I’ll get drenched. Let’s fly indoors!


Mindfills for

Crispina Kemp’s Crimsons creative challenge
MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – homophones leek and leak; moor and more
Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – cheek in D rhyme – abbaaccddc

I ~ a tetractys

on a feeling
bearing uncanny resemblance to love

a beatific, eerie, joyous, scary
emotion bloomed
through the cracks
of my


Mindfills for….

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – eerie 24 words
Crispina Kemp’s Crimsons creative challenge
FOWC – uncanny
MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – to write a form of poetry … Double Tetractys! 1/2/3/4/10/10/4/3/2/1. It was really interesting to read on MLM about the Tetractys being the British version of a haiku!

Time, my Oracle

Time, my Oracle
straddling the liminal
and the infinite
Stop. And consider...
What if all tribes,tendencies and terrains yonder
crawl back into the stomach
of stillness, silence
What if persons and paradise
What if you, your Greatness, stop tumbling through this universe


mindfills of s.s. for

Sadje’s what do you see

sammiscribbles – Yonder – 44 words

MindLoveMisery’s wordle Oracle, liminal, stop, tumble, greatness, person,tribe,layers, time, consider,tendency, stomach

the way down ~ a decima

from mountain tops my journey starts
skiing, spraying powder white snow
sprinkling sunkissed glee on the go
skirting trees, through hurdles I dart
leaving footprints on nature's art sliding slopes till the day is done
living the moment on the run
falling in love with surrender
making a note to remember
the way down can be just as fun


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronovan’s Decima challengeStart in A rhyme. Abbaaccddc.

Reena’s exploration challenge – In this week, write a story/anecdote/non-fiction piece which does not involve a woman.

MindLoveMisery’s Neeraj hosts this photo challenge

words flow ~ a nonet

Feb 2021

Words flow from your vivid velvet lips

leaping over shoulds and shouldn’ts

coursing through my venal veins

altering my mirror

pleasing my senses

deceiving truths

causing awe

your words


Mindfills of s.s. for

Reena’s exploration challenge – Flow

MindLoveMisery’s same same but different – use synonyms of change (alter), effect (cause), skip(leap), betray(deceive), wonder(awe)

Cee’s FOTD