travels in the wild ~ a decima

music travels weird in my wild

white whimsical mind; yellows seep

whenever hues of jazz and blues weep

silver rivulets of rhythms mild,

mauves and purples flash a shy smile

strumming pink on joyous eardrums

chiming ta- ta-rum-pum-pums

to heartbeats running unstable

as crescendo hushes hazel

and soul’s rhapsody blushes plum


Mindfills by s.s for

dVerse MTB – hosted by Grace – On this wondrous neurological phenomenon of Synesthesia – Seeing music as colors is one form of synesthesia.

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Ronovan’s Decima Challenge – Stable in D rhyme abbaaccddc

Fizz ~ a decina

Awoken by the sound of fizz

I peeped through my lashes of sleep

plucked up temerity to peep

and found my friends thrilled to their gills

laughing loud over lagerfills

They saw me on the top of the stairs

and aimed a can up in the air

the draught brought the beer straight to me

which I caught with dexterity

This sip of fizz beyond compare


Mindfills by s.s for

Ronovan Writes Decima challenge…Sleep in B rhyme abbaaccddc

Lynn’s Tuesday picture prompt

FOWC temerity

Synesthesia ~ in a decima

Zebra crossing calls cheerily

black hallelujahs, white hurrahs

inviting me to run across

Green signal singing ‘Come to me’

Feet tip-tapping Piano keys

Amber staccato then prevails

I skip hurriedly and exhale

Red spotlighting an orchestra

symphony colours my aura

blissed in synesthetic cocktail


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – exhale in C rhyme

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I picked ~ a decima

I picked sea shells crusted with white

pickled in ancient ocean spice

I dug my toes in, it felt nice

till a crab crawled up for some light

and gave me a terrible fright

My three year old lungs yelled out loud

spraying sand and shells all around

I lost my balance and flat fell

face down on that crawling crab shell

running my little pride aground


Mindfills by s.s. for

Reena’s exploration challenge #159 – slice of your life ….framed on the wall. What would you like to see there

Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – fright in A rhyme

Crimsons Creative challenge

magnetic ~ a decima

Considering we’re poles apart

and yet together we’re great,

Why do opposites attract fate?

Definitely doesn’t seem smart

especially at every  start

squishing tightly, one negative

with one exultant positive

But somehow magnetic charm

amalgamates flower and thorn

And therefore in oneness we live


d’Verse – quadrille – magnets

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the more I live ~ a decima

Of Time and lifetime of a kiss

the more I live, the less I know

of moments moving fast or slow

of memories we made to miss

of ecstacy and lulling bliss

of the mulled minutes we pine for

of yesterday and tomorrow

of that one precious pink sunset

of that lifetime our lips first met

the more I live, the less I know


Linked to lulling ~ a haiku

in the fading light

time drips drops of memories

lulling reality

Written by Mindfills, s.s., for

Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – bliss in A rhyme

Sarah Southwest at dVerse’s interesting treasure hunt…  what 3words challenge. I chose pink.pine.minute

Crispina Kemp’s creative challenge #101

Time blanket ~ a quadrille

Time’s precision pendulum swings

lulling me into surrender

sweeping silly senses under

quilted blankets of beguiling

delusions of imaginings

cozily wrapped up in rainbows

warping Time through a window

into, over, future and pasts

stalling, staying, scuttling fast

TickTock TickTock. What’s fast? What’s slow?


Mindfills by s.s. for

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ghost ~ a decima

So let’s say I die tomorrow

with my bucket list still unnotched

I’ll be so infuriated

I’d refuse to quietly go

And you won’t have to miss me so

I’d glow in the dark of your night

and scare all the others in sight

I’ll add a bit of scare and chill

I know you’d laugh and love me still

as ghost who can’t give you a fright


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronovan Writes – Decima challenge – still in D, abbaaccddc

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Jude’s Saturday Symphony – Hauntings

Look ~ a decima

Where I go, no one can follow

and yet you want to come with me

fall into my reality

pay no heed to the tomorrow

or the time we have to borrow

to turn just one leaf of our book

without turning behind to look

armed only with vehement faith

in the us that’s written in our fate

winking at the chances we took


Written by Mindfills s.s. for

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge  РLook in C rhyme

Go Dog Go Tuesday writing prompt by Frazier and Amanda – where I go no one can follow

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soul food ~ a decima

What do you want to order in?

Oh! Soul food or nothing at all

Under what cuisine would that fall?

Just a sec…I’m introspecting

Is it Asian or Italian?

Hmm… It could be both or neither

Please dear soul…decide and order

I want to eat what my mom makes

I’ll have those awesome jammy cakes

or her quite random buddha bowl

they’ve left a footprint in my soul

That’s the food to which my soul wakes


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronowan Writes Decima challenge – Fall in B in rhyme abbaaccddc

Neeraj’s photo challenge at MindLoveMisery

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