magnetic ~ a decima

Considering we’re poles apart

and yet together we’re great,

Why do opposites attract fate?

Definitely doesn’t seem smart

especially at every  start

squishing tightly, one negative

with one exultant positive

But somehow magnetic charm

amalgamates flower and thorn

And therefore in oneness we live


d’Verse – quadrille – magnets

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the more I live ~ a decima

Of Time and lifetime of a kiss

the more I live, the less I know

of moments moving fast or slow

of memories we made to miss

of ecstacy and lulling bliss

of the mulled minutes we pine for

of yesterday and tomorrow

of that one precious pink sunset

of that lifetime our lips first met

the more I live, the less I know


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in the fading light

time drips drops of memories

lulling reality

Written by Mindfills, s.s., for

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Time blanket ~ a quadrille

Time’s precision pendulum swings

lulling me into surrender

sweeping silly senses under

quilted blankets of beguiling

delusions of imaginings

cozily wrapped up in rainbows

warping Time through a window

into, over, future and pasts

stalling, staying, scuttling fast

TickTock TickTock. What’s fast? What’s slow?


Mindfills by s.s. for

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ghost ~ a decima

So let’s say I die tomorrow

with my bucket list still unnotched

I’ll be so infuriated

I’d refuse to quietly go

And you won’t have to miss me so

I’d glow in the dark of your night

and scare all the others in sight

I’ll add a bit of scare and chill

I know you’d laugh and love me still

as ghost who can’t give you a fright


Mindfills by s.s. for

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Look ~ a decima

Where I go, no one can follow

and yet you want to come with me

fall into my reality

pay no heed to the tomorrow

or the time we have to borrow

to turn just one leaf of our book

without turning behind to look

armed only with vehement faith

in the us that’s written in our fate

winking at the chances we took


Written by Mindfills s.s. for

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soul food ~ a decima

What do you want to order in?

Oh! Soul food or nothing at all

Under what cuisine would that fall?

Just a sec…I’m introspecting

Is it Asian or Italian?

Hmm… It could be both or neither

Please dear soul…decide and order

I want to eat what my mom makes

I’ll have those awesome jammy cakes

or her quite random buddha bowl

they’ve left a footprint in my soul

That’s the food to which my soul wakes


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronowan Writes Decima challenge – Fall in B in rhyme abbaaccddc

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In the end ~ a decima

We’re just a moment in the end

having played the cards we were dealt

with joy and grace and love we felt

as our time and space and life blend

and small voices in our heads wend

chanting I am a museum full of art,

and a deck full of music hearts

but is there someone who may think

of us, write and draw us in ink

and speak of moments we were part


Mindfills by s.s. for

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serenity ~ a decima

At the beginning of the end

when evening still ripples maybes

but quietens the edge of seas,

the wave waits for just that second

unsure, to stay, go, or be friends

conch shells calm down sounds and silence

with salty tears and one last glance

sad sea and land let loose their grip

longing fills every finger tip

To serene sea it makes no sense


Mindfills by s.s. for

Sue Vincent’s writephoto

Ronowan Writes Decima challenge tip in D

d’Verse poets – open link night hosted by Grace

ringed ~ a decima

Blitzkrieged into surrendering

I speed-dated and socialized

where I was speeched and sermonized

while others got busy coupling

romanced into forevering

Watergated, I whiled a while

but then winked a cheshired smile

and googled a path to tinder,

thrilled to right swipe the right Mr

Now we are ringed and twinned in style


Mindfills by s.s. for

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enchanted ~ a decima

How far does optimism go?

Let’s find out…join me for the ride

coz only when you’re by my side

I see rainbows in tomorrows

ribbons of music tied with a bow

gifts of the yet undiscovered

lyrics to heydays up ahead

So string along your old guitar

Darling, let’s sing along with our

imaginings, stay enchanted…


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronovan’s Decima prompt Ride in B abbaaccddc

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