rain drips ~ nonet

rain dripping puddles of delusions

decidedly delight day dreams

divorcing real time dramas

and enter zany worlds

of sun kissed maybes

flitting carefree

singing loud





with longings

in deep darkness

that push forth to shine

lights glow up the present

with exits to the past closed

Let’s marry now with forever

so we can walk barefoot for free


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soul food ~ a decima

What do you want to order in?

Oh! Soul food or nothing at all

Under what cuisine would that fall?

Just a sec…I’m introspecting

Is it Asian or Italian?

Hmm… It could be both or neither

Please dear soul…decide and order

I want to eat what my mom makes

I’ll have those awesome jammy cakes

or her quite random buddha bowl

they’ve left a footprint in my soul

That’s the food to which my soul wakes


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