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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: RDP

  • memories ~ a senryu

    memories like veinsradiate intoxicatedhindering heartbeats Cee’s FOTD; FOWC hinder; RDP radiate

  • rain ~

    Rain drip dropsmops up buttercupssneak peak aboveLove, feel realpleasure calls, falls lashes, splashes facegraced by sighsof loud cloudsmelting paradise ice pitter patter on windowOh! winds bringsounds I foundchild’s wild delightbrightens up moments sings of imaginingstingles tangle sensessentences chit chaton roof groovesslip sliding waterlaughter fills thrillsflows rainbows spelltravel with small parasolspuddles puzzled whysky power showersPreposterous! Mindfills…

  • breaking ~ haiku

    breaking all the rulesmending fences between worlds~birds without borders Mindfills for RDP ~ border; Ronovan Writes Haiku ~ break and mend

  • I open my eyes ~ free verse

    I open my eyes with trepidation at first when the storm is at its worst relinquishing what I had nursed I open my eyes to precious delusions in paths of tenets and expectations for a life beyond dimensions I open my eyes and let them see from the purest depths of me a gentle, beautiful,…

  • Just …

    Just…Your messageand three little dots Justthe wayI like it… Mindfills for RDP ~ just

  • start ~ a tetractys

    startdreamingwheels whirringat speed of chromeand wander beyond imaginationwinds wont wait willingly for thunderstormswhile wild souls roamrestlesslyseeking life Thursday inspiration ~ start; The Skeptic’s kaddish ~ W3 – a tetractys (1/2/3/4/10), challenge hosted by the winner of the week, D Avery;RDP Thursday ~ chrome; Cee’s FOTD

  • wily wind ~ haiku

    wily wind in reedsautumn’s first storm all stirred up~ bottle them in verse Mindfills for RDP ~ bottle; kigo ~ first (autumn) storm (hatsu arashi, early autumn), wind in the reeds (ogi no koe, early autumn). Lit. ‘voice of the reeds’.

  • laburnum ~ a tanka

    laburnum lanternflying off on a wild romance~ whirlwind spins her dreamstheatrical summer’s end leaves legacy of first love Moonwashed Musings ~ theatrics; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ legacy; Cee’s FOTD; RDP ~ lantern

  • Brittle promises ~ free verse

    Brittle promises,riding breezily on a rice paper boat on choppy oceans of this random universe,Whimsy as its clumsy sailof patchwork patterns cut out from life,Chance as its wayward hope,earnestly tying new born souls with tinsel.What if tomorrow comes?What if the gods renege? *** Mindfills for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt ~ renege in 49 words;…

  • collide ~ free verse

    when hearts collide,with astounding awkwardness, breath recoilsspeech stumbles on hungry silencetoes curl in to fight the freezeflight of nervesleaves the rest of life to bewithout historyslate wiped so cleansoul and senses in disagreementwith who started it allthis opera of stars playing with our fatewhich instant did it all beginto rush blood in our veinswhen did…

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