ripples #50 ~ a renga

Ripples ~ This renga is a collaborative  writing effort of David of The Skeptic’s Kaddish and me, Sangeetha of Mindfills. David’s words, completing the tanka, are in italics and in bold. What started with this  haiku, is now a renga of 50 verses 🙂 which makes it a Gojuin!

ripples #50

beyond the brink
melting moments and lifetimes
~ I sleep into you
forms fading, dreams displacing
~ souls slowly slip together


written in response to

sighing so softly
trailing tender tremors
my soul surrenders
touched by thin, teasing tendrils
you’re sweetly, softly seduced

We invite you to read all of the 50 ripples here ☺️ and you can read what David has written all about our journey here!
Lots of love and gratitude to you all for reading and your kind words of appreciation. 🙏

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