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Tag: Haiku

  • midnight ~ senryu

    midnight-blue charcoal meandering lovingly~ sketch-book overwhelmed Mindfills for Shweta’s WSP ~ love; kigo ~ charcoal (sumi, all winter).

  • November ~ Tanka

    November bonfiredancing with withering windsin full costumeslashes of flaming crimsonchant night’s soothing symphony Mindfills for dVerse ~ ekphrastic poetry hosted by Merril. Kigo ~ withering wind (kogarashi, early winter),bonfire (takibi, all winter).

  • spring ~ haiku chain

    sunlight and springtimewoken by my mother’s kisswhile you were sleeping yellow dust pinwheelssoaring skylarks stop to watchred plum blossoms’ glee dandelions dodge lovestruck breeze trailing behind~ springtime soap bubbles Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD ; David’s W3 hosted by the winner, Aishwarya ~ haiku series, must include the word mother, juxtapose opposition and refer to a […]

  • crashing ~ a tanka

    crashing into bloomsbee bumbles on silly high~ drunk driving gets cellblack and yellow stripes scream loudkeep voice soft as nectar please Mindfills for FOWC high; Cee’s FOTD; dVerse Poetics ~ a drinking connection hosted by Punam

  • time circles ~ a haiku

    time circles clock-face in permanent transience churning out new days Mindfills for Eugis’s Moonwashed Musings ~ transient; Sadje’s birthday (heard that from David, so thank you)

  • mid-air ~ haiku

    mid-air skirmish snapping brittle bones of tree~ gray scarf wrestles wind Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ the gray scarf hosted by this week’s winner Eugi

  • fate ~ a haiku

    fate of laburnums~ fountain of yellow floretspleased to spray-paint eyes *** Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Haiku challenge ~ fate & pleased; FOWC fountain;

  • Autumn’s voice ~ a haibun

    Today, the morning sun whispers hesitantly, apologetically shooting a ray to separate our shadows. The now desolate morning glory trail knows us, as do our skins. On fallen red leaves, we tread, blood draining to our matching shoes. Someone has hung a lantern on the chestnut tree with our names on it. Tomorrow, after the […]

  • candy ~ haiku

    candy pink promiseadrift in November skiesIndian summer *** Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD; kigo koharu (Indian summer, early winter) ‘little spring’.

  • crunch ~ a haiku

    crunch of winter crustrankles red maple forest~ It’s not midnight yet