Katydid ~ a haiku

chorus from the wings


green big bug singing



serenading camouflaged

it just ain’t cricket


broadcast from bushes

nature’s night club naughtiness

now everyone knows


Mindfills for

dVerse’s Sara southwest asks us to write a poem on creepy crawlies. I reposting the haiku sequence I wrote earlier on a katydid for Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge. Kirigirisu is the japanese name for katydid

I walk ~ a novelinee

I walk unawares into colours of you

sunset red singes the tips of my toes

when your velvet voice breezes in cool blue

when the embers of your grey-green eyes glow

triggering shivers of silver lightning

piercing pockets of purple passions

fingers gently entwined, imagining

you and me in another thousand suns

golden, glowing, coz we’re the lucky ones


Sadje’s what do you see #99 and dVerse MTB – novelinee by Laura Bloomsbury – a,b,a,b,c,d,c,d,d – 9 lines 10 syllables

heart ~ a quadrille

mystic fire dances
to thunderclaps
and swings with the zephyrs
that lyrically lure
my heart
running off with caprice
to realms yet unknown,
trying on silly identities,
slipping into colourful skins,
spritzing wild perfume of possibility
thumbing a ride
on this journey called life


Mindfills for dVerse’s quadrille hosted by DeJackson – heart & Go Dog go Cafe’s Tuesday writing prompt – fire, mystic, identity by Frazier and Amanda