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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Morning ~ free verse

Morning propels her mirror
to propose a wager...

Is this a face of fortune?
Ten thousand coins to win
if she lets her wisdom speak
Not a thing for you to lose
if she holds it back

But the question is...
Who will you be today?
Would you be a skeptic
and walk away?

Or would choose the other alternative and be kind?
A human face among the lot;
Perhaps you could ask her
Why she is upset at what the world forgot
What resolutions whiz past her at different degrees of speed
Why life's constant renovations blur possibilities

You want to know
You could be her some day
And yet, you turn and walk away

Isn't it ironic?
When we seek
We cannot see.

Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS ; MLM wordlewager, lot, alternative/alternate, degree, upset, renovation, ironic, morning, propel, mirror, skeptical, fortune.


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