a new sun ~ an englyn cyrch

A new sun sprints across skies
as ripe golden beams surprise
extreme scowls into bright smiles
Watch a while...Oh how time flies


FOWC extreme & MLM’s synonyms (young(new), old(ripe), yellow(golden), run(sprint), frown(scowl)) & Sadje’s what do you see.

Written in englyn cyrch – a Welsh poetry form – quatrains of 7 syllables per line, lines 1,2,4 rhyme with each other and line 3 rhymes with a syllable somewhere in the middle of line 4.

heaven in her eyes ~ free verse

image ~ Warren Wong

She took off one day
for reasons unknown
and I couldn’t stop her flight mid-air
or make her want to stay
if only to catch the sunrise
seeping into our sheets
or the warm waft of coffee
one mug for her and me
I’d give up forever
like they say in that song
just to see
for one last time
my heaven in her eyes

Mindfills for

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Godoggo Cafe – Amanda and Frazier host the Tuesday writing prompt – heaven in her eyes

water ~ an argonelle

rushing down mountain slopes
mingling salt, souls, and sacred sky
making life without knowing why
quenching, drenching heart’s hopes


Mindfills for

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I’m also trying a new form of syllabic poetry…Argonelle which is a quintain (or a string of quintains) with 2/6/8/8/6 syllable count and abccb rhyme

Time, my Oracle

Time, my Oracle
straddling the liminal
and the infinite
Stop. And consider...
What if all tribes,tendencies and terrains yonder
crawl back into the stomach
of stillness, silence
What if persons and paradise
What if you, your Greatness, stop tumbling through this universe


mindfills of s.s. for

Sadje’s what do you see

sammiscribbles – Yonder – 44 words

MindLoveMisery’s wordle Oracle, liminal, stop, tumble, greatness, person,tribe,layers, time, consider,tendency, stomach

to remember ~ a senryu

long after sunset
how skies ease open my heart
~ aches to remember


Mindfills of s.s. for

Sadje’s what do you see

Ronovan’s haiku challenge – ache and ease

A bit of back story … the emperor who built this mausoleum for his wife supposedly spent his last years in prison looking at the Taj from across the river, yearning to be with her. His unplanned tomb lies next to hers. Entombed is an earlier post touching on human emotions