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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: #Whatdoyousee

  • You won’t ~ free verse

    You won’t remember thisbut I willYour little hands clutched mineYour toothless smile screamed delightYour voice plays inside me stillI know I know you’re all grown up nowAnd can’t understand exactly whyYou still reach for that apple pieIt’s got calories, but you can’t resist it somehowYou travel the earth to search and findThe wonder and grace…

  • If ~ free verse

    If on the other side of time,you reach the place you belong,where life’s toil wins you the crownwhere the air waits to speak your namewhere the moment takes you to further famewhere in eyes that see you,you see glorywhere courage is always in your company where fortune flaunts and favoursyou where you’re welcomed because you’re…

  • Through ~ free verse

    Through red rhododendron roots that healPeppered with wisdom of melting winter iceDrenched in voices rejoicing all of lifeAnd beyond where only imagination roamsIn ripples that ricochet from the echo of cavesWhere creatures speak of us with wonderThe spring gurgles new waters todayWarm sweet waters from ancient lores Mindfills © 2023  for Sadje’s What do you see

  • The clouds ~ free verse

    The clouds cried outThe cries died outShe could only seeOne realityWhen his hand reached outShe had no doubtNo proof to evaluateBut she did not hesitateNo promise was madeNo condition laidWhen their eyes met firstThey were bound by trust Mindfills © 2023  for Sadje’s #whatdoyousee ; NaPoRiMo Day 24

  • wind chimes ~ free verse

    Wind chimes in the afternoon Windows let them in to browsePages turned to see what’s upWhen the clock woke up and struckGrandpa’s photograph knew it allEven the invisible footfallWater in the blue vases stirredI slept on undeterred For Sadje’s wdys Mindfills © 2023  

  • Happy ~ mirror cinquain

    Happyto wait a whilefor happiness to knock?Don’t hold your breath…could be your lastmy friendDont wait!for rings on your phone or digit, or for those midnight mails;Live! Be happy!Right now. Mindfills © 2023   For Colleen Cheesebro’s tanka Tuesday; Sadje’s wdys; Reena’s Exploration Challenge ~ the happiness chase ; Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt ~ mail (37…

  • She lies ~ free verse

    She lies calmThe wind is silentNothing touches herIn her veinsBlood runs goldenDistilled to perfectionCovered in camouflageScars scorned for their storyBeyond salvageAll of her past Is stored in the loftAbove all elseShe lies calmThe wind is silentNothing can touch her For Sadje’s wdys; Fandango’s FOWC ~ salvage, RDP Monday ~ golden ; GoDogGo cafe’s promote yourself…

  • Together ~ free verse

    Together, we paint the skywith crayons and butterfliesTogether, we smell the breezeIt tastes of fresh minted cookiesTogether, we reach for the starsOnly they seem to know who we areTogether, we roam, unmindful of the whysSo very odd, you and I Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS

  • Along the way ~ free verse

    Along the wayI opened myself to loveCourage ragedfreedom fellin your armsTruth of usTwo lives, one skinOverwhelmedTo the other sideto quell my fearsI fledSaints and sagesshowed me the pathof miracles Infinite withinEndless withoutmy universeYet, all of mein all this timeis youI come to youwith my suitcase of wisdomempty Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS

  • Time ~ a senryu

    Time wanders todayfeet bare on forest dreamscape~ infinity rests Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS

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