Truth ~ prosery

Truth is Janus faced. Silence is turbulent. The last innocent memory is psychoanalysed as the root of all sadness. Hope hides in endings, never letting go. Never moving on. Winter heals. You change your story everytime you tell it. You change yourself as you tell it. You can manifest anything. It’s also all your fault. If you fail, you don’t get to try again. Or again. These are things they don’t tell us.


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stars ~ free verse

stars spinning
in circles,
fireworks in the sky,
an impromptu announcement
booming through the universe
to awaken you
with a spritz of magic
to touch your soul
with sparks of beginnings
to take you by the hand
and lead you in your dreams
to the infinity you are

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stars ~ a haiku series

stars zoom across sky
shooting for cosmic movie
~ other side of town

black night to my square
sign flashing on things to do
~ hold on to your breath

Saturday morning
dream-filled eyes not open yet
~ dewdrops for breakfast

Reena’s exploration challenge
Sadje’s wdys
Cee’s FOTD

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powdered ~ prosery

Powdered sun streams down from strange skies.  Is it winter again? I graze my eyes over flimsy fallen snow. Could I, if I really try, trace that footprint I left behind? In the vault of my memories, a curtain moves, letting in a slap of cold air... air that sneaks past Time, stippling my skin with tiny dew drops of awakening. From depths of darkness, hope raises its eyelids, looks  at me, right through my eyes, into my soul,  demanding of me, "Where were you? When I wandered lonely as a cloud , searching for solace, searching for a shred of your strength to tether me as your sail?"

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much ~

Much worn slippers at the end of the line
That soft holey tee shirt I claimed as mine
The extra pillow you like to hug
Brown coffee stains still splayed on our rug
Mystery novel lies bookmarked at page 82
The lillies flowered; they turned out blue
Window pane drips drops of rain
Eyes blur at never seeing you again

Mindfills for Sadje’s wdys, dVerse’s OLN hosted by Jade – Golden wait