She didn’t care for my gold spectacles
Nor for that purple shirt I wear
Yet we broke all the rules to connect
And turned out to be a pair

I didn’t care for her obdurate will
Or her stridulate won’ts that rent the air
Still, this girl, this beautiful heartfill
Is my life’s darling darling affair

Smell of romance washes our days
Wet with moments that meet our lips
Fingerlaced with virtue of our own ways
We’re resiliently attached at the hip

Fighting downfalls in any weather
Never looking backwards since our first date                                        Informally we’ve been us forever I want the world to know she’s my mate


Mindfills‘ 200th post 🙂 for JibberJabber’s spectacle & JibberJabber’s connect & MindLoveMisery’s wordle – wet downfall beautiful wash girl smell resilient informal attach backwards virtue stridulate & Cee’s FOTD


Birched soundly

for smoking the hamster

I took off running

for the foliage shelter

in earnest pursuit

of the hesitant areomancer

who looked at my shoes

how I wished it were fancier

Like the one that she wore

that meritricious dream-seller

keeping people hooked

by talking about the weather!


Mindfills for MindLoveMisery’s wordle


Going withershins

Wracked with grief

over yesterday’s brouhaha,

instead of

glazing at the ceiling,

I feathered my devil

and clawed out

a tentacle,

dipping it into

that seemingly innocent tea

you made for me.

Aha! Gotcha!

You, piece of pestilence,

scurrilous deficit,

scurrying around, sneaking

poisons into brews,

your engines whirring

with devious deviance

Going withershins,

holy horseshoe be dammed,

neither of us on course

or off this tandem bicycle,

in constant competition

to be the only one

who is right. Always right.


wriiten for MindLoveMisery’s wordle#189

My bumble bee

bumble bees stumble
like you do with words
love laced longings
stay yet undiscovered

My heaven smiles
as you vulnerably hesitate
you know my reservations

on soapy serenades

monsoon skies precipitate
dripping silver charms
wild drops of hope
cradle in my palms

soi-distant facades
can’t hide your glee
your heart slips and skids
right into me

MindLoveMisery’s wordle #188