deeper ~ #writephoto

Deeper and deeper into Time
where when warps and does a cartwheel
for free romantic hearts to steal
moments for each other to rhyme
floating off to a space sublime
Stars burst in synchronicity
laughing with clocks and gravity
oneness of the universe smiles
when souls meld, we stop a while
we wonder…in the infinity


Mindfills of s.s. for

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto – deeper

Reena’s exploration challenge – components of Time
Eugi’s weekly prompt – romance
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dusk ~ a tanka

Reposting a writephoto hosted by Sue Vincent for Sue vincent

Dear Sue, here’s a writephoto from before. Thank you for your inspiration.

swathed in indigo precociously seeking midnight darkness shadows dusk Desire draws in a sharp breath when evening slips into bed *** Mindfills by s.s. for City sonnet’s midnight Sue Vincent’s writephoto – darkness FOWC precocious Reena’s exploration challenge – cryptic d’Verse Open link night #270

dusk ~ a tanka

shoes ~ a decima

Worn out shoes slip slide in the rain

sunrise kissing their love affair

Left to right …what a lovely pair

bustling to catch the early train

to their happy place yet again

Their laces tied into a bow

you could see their excitement grow

as they step to their positions

like they’ve done for generations

To dance the Argentine Tango


Mindfills by s.s. for

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MindLoveMisery’s Tale weaver by Michael – sunrise

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waves ~ a decima

I was lost at sea when I heard

waves whispering words of whimsy,

their mindless mirth gone all giggly

much like an impish little bird;

Still, ripples glistened undeterred

through days and nights of eons past

through earth quakes and volcanic blasts;

I’d stumbled on a lucky fact

I have a sea to be lost at

and I ran home to sleep at last


Mindfills for

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dVerse MTB hosted by Grace – First person

Once ~ a decima

Once, my forever friend and I

stumbled on a blood orange place,

an eerie field from outer space

where meteors showered the blue sky

a vista we couldn’t deny

nor reject as dreamed up or true

coz we’d been asleep from the brew

we never should have acquired

from the he who must not be blamed

and so we fade and bid adieu


Mindfills by s.s. for

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Blood Orange