gratitude ~ a senryu

Philosophising Portugal 2019

there you are

demanding gratitude



Mindfills by s.s. for

Shweta’s six word story prompt, #6WSP – gratitude…. If I could add another six, it’s this

Cee’s Black and white challenge – sculptures and statues

Debbie’s 6WS

MLM’S Michael creating context – grim/concerning/chucklesome…In my head, the situation strangely fits all three..Hmmm

My poems salacious, moyuru and Camellia have been featured in Whispers and Echoes, a delightful online selection of out of the ordinary short writing. Please do check it out.

Please do leave your link. Would love to read you

Artful ~ a senryu


Instigating change,

artful manipulation

~ nearly a blessing?


Mindfills by s.s. for

Thesaurus game – In response to Patrick Jennings who describes the word Sly as …The word itself is a hiss, a diversion for the covert “y”… and artfully got me to attempt the thesaurus game. I chose artful as the synonym because to me artful’s negative connotations are slyly cloaked in positive vibes.

Sonya’s three line tale #TLT

MindLoveMisery’s tale weaver – Blessing

FOWC nearly