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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: senryu

  • truth ~ a senryu

    truth of existence ~ impossible to ignorewhat eyes cannot see For NaPoRiMo~ Day 13 ; David’s W3 ~ Jane Aguiar, the week’s winner asks us to write a Senryu and include the word impossible Mindfills © 2023   SenryuThe Senryu is:• a poem in 3 lines or less.• syllabic, 17 syllables or less.• commonly written in…

  • colours ~ senryu series

    In her eyes I seeflashes of uncertaintyof what she could beDays splash gold at dawnclouds bathe her in smoky greyas red blood pounds onFlakes of orange sunscatter hope like confettitill the rain pours downColours wash awayleaving pristine white pagesfor her each new day For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

  • riding ~ a senryu

    riding on the breeze opalescent soap bubbles ~ love yearns to delight Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ senryu

  • To ~ a senryu

    To the younger me,Spend less of your life doing Live your soul…being Mindfills for Sadje’s Sunday poser ~ what would you tell your younger self?

  • midnight ~ senryu

    midnight-blue charcoal meandering lovingly~ sketch-book overwhelmed Mindfills for Shweta’s WSP ~ love; kigo ~ charcoal (sumi, all winter).

  • new morning ~ a senryu

    new morning againstay a moment breathing inscents of yesterday Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD

  • blinded ~ a senryu

    blinded by morningpassionate seas struggle to calm~ we’re separate boats Mindfills for Sadje’s wdys

  • cloudless ~ a senryu

    cloudless skiesconstellations clear ~ glasses fixed

  • lover ~ a senryu

    Lover leftemoji heart brokenblue time ticks Mindfills for Eugi’s weekly prompt – lovers

  • how ~ a senryu

    how my silly friendsturn life into loud laughter~unexplainable Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge – unknowable, unexplainable, Sadje’s what do you see This was reblogged by Frank J Tassone, Reena Saxena and Commentary, outrages, prose and poetry. Thank you🙏

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