uh oh ~ a rhyme

lucid dreams wakes me from my pillow

when the wild west wind starts to billow

swaying even the strong svelte willow

It surely means it is time for a cigarillo

Yes you got me…that’s my one peccadillo

umm…other than pasta tornillo


Mindfills by s.s. for

MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix rhyme time – willow peccadillo pillow tornillo cigarillo billow

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing – lucid 43 words

rain drips ~ nonet

rain dripping puddles of delusions

decidedly delight day dreams

divorcing real time dramas

and enter zany worlds

of sun kissed maybes

flitting carefree

singing loud





with longings

in deep darkness

that push forth to shine

lights glow up the present

with exits to the past closed

Let’s marry now with forever

so we can walk barefoot for free


A reverse nonetMindfills by s.s. for

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing – zany 62 words

FOWC frugal

MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – opposing forces- divorced and married, exit and entrance

RDP darkness

Pensitivity’s 3TC Rain drip puddle

Cee’s FOTD

entombed ~ tableau

you know where – 2019

You do it best when

after story ends,


you ask the full moon

to take a picture

of us together


Mindfills by s.s. for

MLM’s music challenge – Nobody does it better

MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – Tableau – six lines five beats

Jude’s Tales told different – Saturday Symphony – Seven wonders….a bit of back story … the emperor who built this mausoleum for his wife supposedly spent his last years in prison looking at the Taj from across the river, yearning to be with her. His unplanned tomb lies next to hers.

A funny thing

A funny thing happened

on my way to Piccione’s kitchen

where the smell of pizzas

came lighting up dark hunger

when a pigeon post arrived

and was given a slice

before it departed

into the rain

and I ask Piccione’s chef

Are the pizzas Pepperoni?

“No” he said with some pizazz

They’re peristeronic!


Mindfills by s.s. for

MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix – light dark arrive depart

FOWC pizazz, FOWC rain

Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt #168

Go dog go – Promote yourself Monday

MindLoveMisery’s writing in context – a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen/ bedroom/laundry

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