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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Ronovan Writes

  • peeling ~ a sijo

    peeling away at the present, a knife of nostalgia one giddy delusion, neatly sliced into photographsopen wedding album; overcome your reality Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ overcome; Cee’s FOTD Sijo

  • breaking ~ haiku

    breaking all the rulesmending fences between worlds~birds without borders Mindfills for RDP ~ border; Ronovan Writes Haiku ~ break and mend

  • Lanterns ~ a sijo

    Lanterns, ferrying wishes between worlds, bob in navy blue skies Truth uncovers a new way out; hope recovers in new sunlightDawn speaks shyly to Midnight; there is no end to beginnings Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ recover; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ The best and the worst…It’s time for the bubble to burst.

  • My other ~ a sijo

    My other past arrived, smelling of green pine and sea saltI bathe in wondrous yearning; Yet, stories I leave unopened Lest they clothe themselves in haste, with post-its from today *** Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ gift; Sadje’s WDYS; Moonwashed Musings ~ wondrous , image credit ~ Monstera, pixels

  • frozen ~ haiku

    frozen cherry tree wears majestic crown of snow crystal drops glitter Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Haiku challenge ~ crown and drop

  • fate ~ a haiku

    fate of laburnums~ fountain of yellow floretspleased to spray-paint eyes *** Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Haiku challenge ~ fate & pleased; FOWC fountain;

  • edge ~ a haiku

    edge of deep forestwithered tips wake winter woes~ fireflies fake warmth Mindfills for Ronovan Writes haiku ~ woe & deep; kigo ~ withered tips (uragare, late autumn). The frosted tips of plants and trees

  • hummingbird ~ a sijo

    Hummingbird hovers, undecided on whether to stay or goShe knows this bloom from before, oozing sweetness, always welcoming Yet, a buzzing party with a long line to nowhere, reels her in Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo – using the word Party, Cee’s FOTD

  • Summer crushed ~ a Sijo

    Summer crushed strawberry lips, uttered my name one day in classMy heartbeat chose to stumble,and before I could mumbleShe looked up and frowned, then went on ahead with the roll call Mindfills for Ronovan Writes – Sijo – high school Three Lines14-16 syllables per lineA total of 44-46 syllables for the entire poem. Line one: […]

  • crusty ~ a haiku

    crusty old oak treescratching stories of her scarson sky blue canvas Mindfills for Ronovan Writes haiku – crust & scar