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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Ronovan Writes

  • Temple pond ~ a Sijo

    Temple pond bathes in sunrise, just in time for the koi to play,Flailing fins wake lotus; a pearl of water rolls off lotus leafTouched, lotus pond shivers; ripples echo like the temple bell For Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ play; Cee’s FOTD; NaPoRiMo ~ day 12 Mindfills © 2023   Sijo

  • stone skimming ~ a sijo

    Stone skimming surface of placid pellucid lake, once…twice…thriceRipples ricochet to the shores and back again,to…fro…flowEnchanted, distracted, I sense you ~ here… there…everywhere *** For Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ distraction Mindfills © 2023   Sijo Within each of the three lines there is usually a pause.

  • I write ~ a sijo

    I write this in celebration of a magical friendshipWith patience we pen, a thousand moments in poems we spendPartners we are today, gently weaving in words, stories of life Mindfills © 2023 For Punam at dVerse ~ she asks us to choose an opening line from a blogger friend’s poem and write a poem on friendship.…

  • wandering ~ haiku

    wandering in dreamsidyllic horizons temptreason’s worldly strength Ronovan Writes haiku ~ strength and tempt; Moonwashed Musings ~ idyllic

  • Spring ~ a haiku

    Spring enchanting treesto sprout pink buds and tendrils~ earth opens green door Ronovan Writes haiku ~ open & door

  • last ~ a haiku

    last starry snowflakepirouettes fast, takes a bow~ winter’s curtain call Ronovan Writes haiku ~ fast and last

  • light snow ~ haiku

    light snow melting fastred plum blossoms come to playby the bubbling creek Ronovan Writes haiku ~ bubbling and creek; kigo~ light snow (awayuki, all spring); red plum (blossoms*) (kobai, early spring); Cee’s FOTD

  • peeling ~ a sijo

    peeling away at the present, a knife of nostalgia one giddy delusion, neatly sliced into photographsopen wedding album; overcome your reality Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ overcome; Cee’s FOTD Sijo

  • breaking ~ haiku

    breaking all the rulesmending fences between worlds~birds without borders Mindfills for RDP ~ border; Ronovan Writes Haiku ~ break and mend

  • Lanterns ~ a sijo

    Lanterns, ferrying wishes between worlds, bob in navy blue skies Truth uncovers a new way out; hope recovers in new sunlightDawn speaks shyly to Midnight; there is no end to beginnings Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ recover; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ The best and the worst…It’s time for the bubble to burst.

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