Summer crushed ~ a Sijo

Summer crushed strawberry lips, uttered my name one day in class

My heartbeat chose to stumble,and before I could mumble

She looked up and frowned, then went on ahead with the roll call

Mindfills for Ronovan Writes – Sijo – high school

Three Lines
14-16 syllables per line
A total of 44-46 syllables for the entire poem.

Line one: 3–4–4–4 (introduction)
Line two: 3–4–4–4 (development)
Line three: 3–5–4–3 (twist and conclusion)
Topics are varied, from nature to historical events, to contemporary humor
Sijo should have a musical quality
Sijo should be emotional and resonate with readers

somewhere ~ a decima

somewhere near the afternoon
the sun lit up a dream I'd drawn
with true colours of my life's storm
that turns, on a whim, glee to gloom
or takes me right up to the moon
and back for breakfast served
- a shot of coffee, extra verve
only for me, that little more
of my sweet life that I adore,
...all that I totally deserve!


Ronovan Writes Decima – verve in c rhyme abbaaccddc & Reena’s exploration challenge – wordplay (Customer – true storm, or, to, more, me), Cee’s CMMC – orange, Cee’s FOTD