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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Reena’s exploration challenge

  • Beauty ~ free verse

    Beauty, breathtakingly hypnoticTime, a stroboscopic narcoticHuman, relinquish resistanceRise above dubious existence For Moonwashed Musings ~ dubious. Sammi Scribbles ~ breathtaking (14 words); dVerse OLN; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ word cloud – hypnosis, trance, entrainment, wavelength,stroboscopic; FOWC ~ relinquish; Cee’s FOTD Mindfills © 2023  

  • colours ~ senryu series

    In her eyes I seeflashes of uncertaintyof what she could beDays splash gold at dawnclouds bathe her in smoky greyas red blood pounds onFlakes of orange sunscatter hope like confettitill the rain pours downColours wash awayleaving pristine white pagesfor her each new day For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

  • I am ~ free verse

    I am blessedI am blissedto feel it stillin mein youin droplets of airin …everywhereno reasons at allno sounds to speakno skin to wearno secret to barewhenall of nowall of meis in this one moment of you *** Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge ~ in that one moment I am ~ has been reposted on Br…

  • Rings ~ free verse

    Rings of eternity,Circles of gold,Weave us in a storyTo have and to holdWe stay entwined And at easeBetween us sings A gentle breezeNo eyes can see Nor fingers feelAn intimacySo simple, so real Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge

  • scented ~ haiku

    scented summer breezeswept off by a random dreaminto daffodils *** Mindfills for FOWC ~ swept; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ random dreams; Cee’s FOTD

  • Time ~ haiku

    Winter slips into SpringSummer rain splashes Autumn Time plays hide and seek Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge ~ photo prompt – anything missing?;

  • Lanterns ~ a sijo

    Lanterns, ferrying wishes between worlds, bob in navy blue skies Truth uncovers a new way out; hope recovers in new sunlightDawn speaks shyly to Midnight; there is no end to beginnings Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ recover; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ The best and the worst…It’s time for the bubble to burst.

  • For you ~

    For you my childI paint the skiesin gold and pink of hopewith bags of clouds to raingood luck to brighten your eyesas you step into your dreamsand don’t need to ever look back Mindfills for Reena’s Exploration challenge #256 ~ Sadje’s wdys

  • Lucky ~

    Lucky lotus …happy with muddy feet *** Mindfills for Reena’s Exploration challenge ~ cesspool; shweta’s six word story ~ luck; Cee’s FOTD

  • her eyes ~ a kouta

    her eyes crackle firesplattering red memorieshushed secrets rustlewhen wild wind murmurs her name Mindfills for Reena’s Exploration challenge; Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday – kouta a Japanese quatrain of 5/7/5/7 or 7/7/7/5 syllables

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