It dangled like a carrot
the icon on my phone
an affirmation by design
or chance I don’t know

Irresistible was the urge
to know what you had sent
while Time stood still
in its rose quartz tent

For the screen I made a dive
opened the link embedded
its aortistic circling kept me hanging
to see what my gorgeous had sent

That’s the thing you see
My phone all of age two had hung
and all my imagined songs of you
remained silent and unsung


Mindfills for

Sadje’s what do you see
MindLoveMisery’s wordle – irresistible, rose quartz, chance, dive aortistic, affirmation, design, thing,embed, link, gorgeous, two

Would you?

would you question someone so beautiful

if you knew you’ll always be together

warm as the insides of a snug hug

familiar in consent and in dissent

tenacious and trusting in times apart

pauciloquent in honey melded silence

interlaced for hours in contentment

intimate in the tracings of tenderness

assured your eyes can sleep because it is home

would you question someone so beautiful

when you know the answers don’t matter at all


Mindfills by s.s. for

FOWC snug
MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mixQuestion answer, together apart
FOTD Cee’s daily photo
Sammi Cox’s Weekend writing prompt – Tenacious 73 words
Word of the day challenge – pauciloquent

Doubt ~ a nonet

Doubt cloaked in velvet euphemism
lures her blind prey into her lair
where reason smirks in disdain
and distrust clouds the brain
to poison time’s truth
Doubt wins a prize!
…a tombstone

Mindfills by s.s. for

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