I saw me ~ free verse

I saw me
Through the eyes of someone else
Black and white
When I was all grey
Stapled to one moment
When I had flowed through time
A character in their story
~ not mine

Mindfills for, Reena’s exploration challenge ~ situation ~
Your character finds an old, disposable camera on the ground. They get the photos developed. What they see tells an unsettling story.

back then ~

Back then
at the start of nothin'
all we had to be was us

wet in the rain
drenched in joy insane
hearts open, senses tumultous

driving top down
singing loud, lyrics all wrong
silly laughter, inside jokes

late night talks
rest of the world on pause
eyes locking silences, melodious

no tomorrows
tying us down to rainbows
Back then, all we had to be was us


Mindfills for this post by Luke Atkins, which led me to listen to Ivy … the start of nothin’


She didn’t care for my gold spectacles
Nor for that purple shirt I wear
Yet we broke all the rules to connect
And turned out to be a pair

I didn’t care for her obdurate will
Or her stridulate won’ts that rent the air
Still, this girl, this beautiful heartfill
Is my life’s darling darling affair

Smell of romance washes our days
Wet with moments that meet our lips
Fingerlaced with virtue of our own ways
We’re resiliently attached at the hip

Fighting downfalls in any weather
Never looking backwards since our first date                                        Informally we’ve been us forever I want the world to know she’s my mate


Mindfills‘ 200th post 🙂 for JibberJabber’s spectacle & JibberJabber’s connect & MindLoveMisery’s wordle – wet downfall beautiful wash girl smell resilient informal attach backwards virtue stridulate & Cee’s FOTD


photo credits sangeetha

We lock our forever wish

two innocents, too innocent for consequence

cavorting intrepid, blushed in fuschia florets of insouciant love

Labyrinthine lecherous Cosmos laughs…’entertain me’ he says

pleasure me, fall into fate
my gargoyles spout into you

Fate, hope, promise whatever!  we interlace fingers, skin, soul…

We lock our forever wish


JibberJabber – wish & Thursday doors – churches & Sammi’s intrepid in 52 words