triangle ~ a tetractys


Key to
~Jazz after Math
I play the triangle grandly in both

dVerse’s MTB ~ numbering ten, Sadje’s wdys , Eugi’s weekly prompt – survival, FOWC jazz

Ten is closely bound up with the Euclidean equilateral triangle Tetractys, we have Ray Stebbing’s eponymous form which is a triangular stanza of 1;2;3;4;10 syllables

Teal ~ a Fibonacci Sapta

tessellate into twenty-one
trapeziums on sacred temple floor

Mindfills for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge – To invent a new poetry form –  Fibonacci Sapta ~ a syllabic poetry form with syllables 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ~ corresponding to the first seven numbers in the Fibonacci series. The poem must mention, or refer to, a pattern or a series.

Interestingly, the Fibonacci numbers were first described in Indian mathematics, as early as 200 BC in work by Pingala on enumerating possible patterns of Sanskrit poetry formed from syllables of two lengths. They are named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, later known as Fibonacci, who introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics in his 1202 book Liber Abaci. More on Pingala here

a mulled moment ~ a naani

Naani ~ on time – 4 lines, 20 to 25 syllables, about human relations, in current statements.

a mulled moment 
wonders wandering off
to watch time warp
eons of yesterdays


Mindfills For A different perspective’s August scavenger hunt ~ 13 forms of micropoetry

End of Summer Scavenger Hunt prompts:
1. Write a Zappai using the theme of drunkenness.
2. Write a Kimo on the subject of jealousy.
3. Write a Lune about birth The zappai, kimo and lune are here …

4. Write a Hay(na)ku about hate.

5. Write a Naani about time.
6. Write an Oddquain about poverty.
7. Write a Tritina with a touch of whimsy or nonsense.
8. Write a Pentina having a theme of war.
9. Write a Sestina having a theme of exploration.
10. Write an Octina with a theme of revenge.
11. Write a Harrisham Rhyme poem on the topic of forgiveness.
12. Write an Abecedarian poem about the path to self discovery.
13. Write a Blitz Poem about death.