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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: micropoetry

  • wandering ~ haiku

    wandering in dreamsidyllic horizons temptreason’s worldly strength Ronovan Writes haiku ~ strength and tempt; Moonwashed Musings ~ idyllic

  • new moon ~ a haiku

    new moon keeps secrets~ swelling with stealthy suspensestars switch off dark mode Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ synonym challenge – change & grow (switch and swell)

  • trusting ~ a tanka

    trusting gentle earsunmeasured words fall asleep~ around you is homelily on muddy watersserene while life splashes rain Mindfills for Rebecca Cunningham’s Tanka Challenge on Friendship

  • I watch ~

    I watch words words tessellatetessellate to encase momentsmoments I like to revisit Mindfills for bloganuary ~ why do you write?

  • barefoot ~ haiku

    barefoot on dewdropstomorrow treads softly~ forest rests awhile Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS

  • Just …

    Just…Your messageand three little dots Justthe wayI like it… Mindfills for RDP ~ just

  • one ~ a haiku chain

    one winter solsticelike a snowflake in the rainyour memory meltstomorrow still waitscontrary to predictionsin absolute awetremulous, a tendrilawakens midnight’s darknessto channel soft Springgoodbye my sweet lovepainted in white whisper cloudswhere will you be?floral catalogyour lost blue iris reclinespressed in forever Mindfills for MLM wordle ~ Winter, Solstice, Snowflake, Contrary, Absolute, Tremulous, Darkness, Channel, Goodbye, Painted,…

  • wedding ~ a haiku

    wedding lace waterfallfireflies in lavender mist~ your summer perfume Mindfills ~ Kigo words – firefly, waterfall

  • promises ~ a haiku

    ripples tantalizeone midnight moonbeam shivers watching promises Mindfills for Eugi’s Moonwashed Musings ~ promises;

  • start ~ a tetractys

    startdreamingwheels whirringat speed of chromeand wander beyond imaginationwinds wont wait willingly for thunderstormswhile wild souls roamrestlesslyseeking life Thursday inspiration ~ start; The Skeptic’s kaddish ~ W3 – a tetractys (1/2/3/4/10), challenge hosted by the winner of the week, D Avery;RDP Thursday ~ chrome; Cee’s FOTD

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