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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: love

  • It was my song ~ free verse

    It was my song Till you came alongNow I want to clear the crowdHow could anyone elsesense the nuancein the danceNot a chance!The room fades outThere’s no doubtYour eyes are on minein mineYou know I knowNobody hears the wordsspin our storyread our livesread our vibesOur song playsSays what it saysTo usOf usSynchronousJust the tuneBrings up…

  • melded ~ free verse

    melded souls melting timewith clumsy careless wordsmaking lovepay for reasonshutting windowslest yearning oozesinto wanton hopeimbuing realitywith child-like promiseswanting to wanderinterlacing fingersso we forget this griefin all its gloryin our last embrace Mindfills © 2023 For MLM’s Sunday Confessionals Q ~ What do you yearn for? A ~ I yearn for another last embrace (Repost from Mindfills…

  • Drop me a tear ~ dVerse MTB

    Drop me a tearstamp it with starsand rain it from celestial skiesDrop me a tearwhen you reach by your sideand what-ifs and wishes collideDrop me a tearin the forest of memoriesmid-stride on your unlit pathDrop me a tearfor I was once your chosen,now the one who illuminates your heart Mindfills for dVerse MTB ~ Bjorn…

  • I am ~ free verse

    I am blessedI am blissedto feel it stillin mein youin droplets of airin …everywhereno reasons at allno sounds to speakno skin to wearno secret to barewhenall of nowall of meis in this one moment of you *** Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge ~ in that one moment I am ~ has been reposted on Br…

  • trace ~ free verse

    trace another dawnwhen sunrise comesyour left toes creep to my right onescold sheets remindwith no apologyof the breathless love you gave to mealways… you saidthere you’ll beso sure you wereyou threw away the keywhat will you tellyour yearning skinthat reaches out to touch withinperhaps time will forgetmoments I still keepuntil you remember me only in…

  • Just …

    Just…Your messageand three little dots Justthe wayI like it… Mindfills for RDP ~ just

  • candy ~ a quadrille

    Candy floss cloudstrail sirens of sunsetin foolish hopeof a maybe Twilight rainsicy blue frostdressed upin sparkles Window pane shiversimpatiently waiting for your silk voiceto melt the cold I wait for youmy winter-cozy;Come home to soupYours, warmly Mindfills for dVerse quadrille (a poem of 44 words) ~ warmly;

  • I will ~ free verse

    I will knock twice She’ll know it’s me “You’ve left your keys Once again silly” Her voice teases My heart still trips When she trails my name on her lips In all the time her grief she hid She wanted me to ask I never did Years have rushed There’s no one home You only…

  • In the quiet ~ free verse

    In the quietour eyes knowthe truth of usand of us alone In one breathbeyond the wordrunes write dreamsfor you and me In the nightI turn to youyour heart is openhome is close

  • No two moments ~

    No two momentsin a day or a lifetimecolours me inside the sameNo love have I feltcould be captured in a poem nor by an unfallen teardropNo reflection into the pasthas ever told me about tomorrowAnd yet, here I am …feeling all of it Mindfills for Sadje’s wdys

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