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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: #kigo

  • Spring ~ a haiku

    Spring enchanting treesto sprout pink buds and tendrils~ earth opens green door Ronovan Writes haiku ~ open & door

  • first ~ a haiku

    first dream unfurlsflower tastes morning dewdrops~ petal by petal Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD ~ Dahlia; kigo ~ first dream (hatsuyume, New Year Reblogged on by Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes

  • rain ~ a haiku

    rain beats on watermuffling turbulence insidetill rainbows paint sky

  • sea ~ haiku

    sea and sky alignflight path for butterflies~ infinite blue Mindfills for Moonwashed Musings ~ infinite; kigo ~ butterfly (choo, all spring). Mindfills

  • significs ~ haiku

    sparkle on fresh snowwindow’s winter frost cracks a smile~meaning of sunrisespring opens a doortranquil burst of pink blossoms ~meaning of delightcrushed orange eveningssands keep secrets warm all night~meaning of summermonsoon lashes outat palm trees on river banks~ meaning of naturetill the last leaf fallsdistant red stars stay awake~ what does it mean Mindfills for The…

  • scented ~ haiku

    scented summer breezeswept off by a random dreaminto daffodils *** Mindfills for FOWC ~ swept; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ random dreams; Cee’s FOTD

  • promises ~ a haiku

    ripples tantalizeone midnight moonbeam shivers watching promises Mindfills for Eugi’s Moonwashed Musings ~ promises;

  • unparalleled ~ a haiku

    unparalleled trust shooting across marmalade skies~ arrow of geese

  • midnight ~ senryu

    midnight-blue charcoal meandering lovingly~ sketch-book overwhelmed Mindfills for Shweta’s WSP ~ love; kigo ~ charcoal (sumi, all winter).

  • Autumn’s voice ~ a haibun

    Today, the morning sun whispers hesitantly, apologetically shooting a ray to separate our shadows. The now desolate morning glory trail knows us, as do our skins. On fallen red leaves, we tread, blood draining to our matching shoes. Someone has hung a lantern on the chestnut tree with our names on it. Tomorrow, after the…

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