Once upon

Once upon a monastery

the glorious evening gong rang

delighting butter lamps that sang

hymns hallowed in earth’s memory

of those gentle souls soaring free

letting go bitter contentions

that occupy man’s emotions

obsessed with the ultimate prize

an elixir to eulogise

~ a bridge across human heavens


Mindfills by s.s. for

JibberJabber Sue’s – memories

Ronovan writes Decima challenge – Prize in D. abbaaccddc

FOWC contentious

Pensitivity Three things challenge – occupy bitter bridge

Norm’s Thursday doors – Aug 6 – The monastery door picture was taken in Leh, India 2017

would you read me

If I’m writing from a cell

counting bars that’s not music

and I’m in for my human failings

Would you read me

If my life is rife with strife

as a wife with a tongue like a knife

Out of gendered kindness

Would you read me

If I can cajole you

with my Janus-faced act

as a smooth operator in fact

Would you read me

If it makes you happy

when words conjure worlds

with whos and whys and what ifs

Would you read me?


Mindfills by s.s. for

Thesaurus game Foible (picked synonym Failings because its a word that is gentle, human, and deceptively excuseable)

Thesaurus game – duplicitous (picked synonym Janus-faced umm..because it didn’t come up as a synonym 😉

Cee’s FOTD & pick-me-up if it makes you happy

MindLoveMisery’s – Sade – smooth operator

MindLoveMisery’s rhymetime – life wife strife knife rife

FOWC cajole

JibberJabber’s kindness

apple pie ~ a decima

On Earth the planet where I live

a species called the humankind

wiped themselves out but left behind

information on how to live

What ironical mad motive

they had I am tickled to find

but first I am rather inclined

to tune out and find me a guy

who will cook me an apple pie

with the stuff humans left behind


Mindfills by s.s. for

Sadje‘s # whatdoyousee

Ronowan writes Decima – Kind in B abbaaccddc

JibberJabber’s – information

3Things Challenge – tuning mad tickle

Ode to impossibles


You can’t, You don’t, You won’t

callous, cavalier refrains

from human corners

pounding your flesh

and yet you’re not broken

by impossibles at all;

Rather, you spirit seeks

the edges of those

willful capabilities

you can, must, will discover

of your true being

fuelled by drops of magic,

that fall from heavens

And they do…

haven’t you noticed?

everytime you walk towards

the impossibles


Mindfills by s.s. for

MindLoveMisery’s Sunday writing prompt – Ode

Penable challenge 2

FOWC callous

JibberJabber’s seek

Sammi’s weekend writing prompt – cavalier


The fuscia ogre glowered,

it’s dark side piercing

my fructophobic

blind blonde brain,

where fear soared

to my throat,

while my knees

like running water

pooled in defeat

to the dragonfruit

smirking easy

dashing my

clinging hopes that

I don’t have to take a bite


Mindfills by s.s. for

#anything is Penable – dragonfruit

JibberJabber’s – soar

MindLoveMisery’s wordle 193

Running Water