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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Japanese poetic forms; Mindfills

  • fragrant ~ haiku

    fragrant breezeclamoring for colourwears lilac Mindfills © 2023  for Cee’s FOTD #kigo ~ fragrant breeze (kunpuu, all summer). Haiku ~ is both singular and plural.A Japanese form designed to be small and concise by limiting the number of lines and the number of syllables in a line. Japanese haiku are three-line poems with the first and the…

  • commotion ~ a haiku

    commotion of starswalks red carpet of night skies~ thundering applause Mindfills © 2023  for Moonwashed Musings ~ commotion

  • courage ~ a haiku

    white dandelionsgathering courage from windsgo beyondering For NaPoRiMo Day 21 ~ write a poem with a word you have invented. My word is Beyondering. Choose the topic of the poem from the list given for day 21. Mindfills © 2023  

  • mercury ~ a haiku

    mercury riseshazy moon misses star’s debut~ he’s on spring break For I believe April 17th is Haiku Day ; #kigo ~hazy moon (oborozuki, all spring) Mindfills © 2023  

  • smouldering ~ a troiku

    smouldering tempestsclouds line up fire hydrantsrain-drenched in mischiefsmouldering tempestsred fury firmly reined inif only for nowclouds line up fire hydrantsdressed in electric orangefanning other flamesrain-drenched in mischiefthunder strikes lightning in funmaking heavens cry For Murisopsis ~ Nonce forms scavenger hunt – Troiku; NaPoRiMo~ Day 16 Mindfills © 2023   Troiku by Chevrefeuille – this poem consists of an initial…

  • truth ~ a senryu

    truth of existence ~ impossible to ignorewhat eyes cannot see For NaPoRiMo~ Day 13 ; David’s W3 ~ Jane Aguiar, the week’s winner asks us to write a Senryu and include the word impossible Mindfills © 2023   SenryuThe Senryu is:• a poem in 3 lines or less.• syllabic, 17 syllables or less.• commonly written in…

  • freckled ~ a haiku

    freckled white lilybasking in summer’s last looks~ bittersweet goodbye For Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ picture prompt – Terri Webster Schrandt Mindfills © 2023  

  • new dawn ~ a haiku

    new dawn cracks open oozes golden sunlighton baby twitters For Reena’s Exploration Challenge ; NaPoRiMo day 8; # kigo ~ twittering (saezuri, all spring). Of birds Mindfills © 2023  

  • scarlet ~ a haiku

    scarlet memoriesin labyrinths of blossom hazepebbles remind feet For Cee’s FOTD; # kigo ~ blossom haze (hanagumori, late spring); NaPoRiMo ~ day 7 Mindfills © 2023  

  • wildflower ~ a haiku

    waking up to Springwildflower on hiatusputs on new lipstick Mindfills © 2023   For Moonwashed Musings ~ hiatus Haiku ~ A Japanese verse form most often composed, in English versions, of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. A haiku often features an image, or a pair of images, meant to depict the essence…

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