Soar ~ a tanka

silhouettes of truth

accruing value with voices

kindling freedoms

blood soars, sears the same red

for every human’s rights

*Mindfills for

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto – soar

Reena’s exploration challenge – juneteenth .. emancipation

this human

Can you see this human

With his company sign which says

Bird and Dog Fancier

And all of us on display?

Would you give him any reason

this buttoned dapper coat of slime

to keep us all as exotic trophies

of his fanciness sublime?

I would like to take this nut case

and keep him fed and engaged

but leash his silly obdurate belief

that we love to be owned and caged

Pensitivity’s 3TC human vibrant company & FOWC slime & JibberJabber’s garden & Sammi’s weekend writing prompt 72 obdurate & visual verse