Make some room

For me you waited

behind your front door

in anticipation

wearing a buttoned shirt

staring at the white floor

that closed the gap

between you and me

so we could giggle

at the ceiling fan

With eyes and hands

and a warm popcorn tub

couching between

pink walls that playfully

coaxed squishing us

to lean in

while draped windows

screened for far far off hills

that room where we first kissed


Mindfills for FOWC – Tub & JibberJabber’s Hill & d’verse’s Make some room & Thursday doors

Frog prince

Warts n all

she reaches down

I wait, my lips puckered

hers like eiderdown

Her palms pick me

I am elevated

my smooth green skin

quivering unabated

Her every spot I know

like the map in my heart

Her every tantrum

I hope is never the last

She’s the only one

who kisses my soul

and laughs at my jokes

giggles, guffaws, warts ‘n all

Prince or not, frog I am

she’s my love and I’m her man

For MindLoveMisery’s – The frog prince