TiliniThe Himalaya, 2021 photo credit – sangeetha
incense brings morning
blossoms come out of their shells
stretching out last night


My gratitude to Colleen, for featuring my photo on Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays, to Liyona for featuring my poem on Go Dog Go Cafe’s Halloween challenge and Cee Neuner for featuring Mindfills on Ceenphotography featured blogger for October CMMC, and to Willow for linking Mindfills on her beutiful haiku. Thank you for being my inspiation🙏 It’s been a wonderful week. Will keep me writing.

into a mango ~ Huitain poetry

fit mango in your palm and squeeze
squishing the insides into mush
now bite the tip with practiced ease
as sweetness oozes in a rush
to smear your lips with orange slush
which drips down your palm, then elbow
and now you feel a foolish flush
just halfway into a mango

Mindfills for

dVerse – Tuesday Poetics hosted by Kim. How to cut a pomogranate…a fruity prompt 🙂

I’m trying a new form of poetry from Go Dog Go Cafe – hosted by Donna Matthews – Huitain poetry – a derivative of the French ballade
8-line stanza
ababbcbc rhyme scheme
Usually 8 to 10 syllables per line

glass case ~ a dizain

coz I’m in a glass case of emotion
curious eyes peer right into my tears
their noses pressing on the frosty pane
looking through the fog of my utmost fears
slyly searching past how I appear
I look around for a shelter to hide
but all of the outside is my inside
scattered are the shards of my silent scream
sweat mists my mind and I turn on my side
Is this real or am I in a dream?


Mindfills for

dVerse Poetics hosted by Mish. We are to use a line from a movie! I chose this
‘I’m in a glass case of emotion’ – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, 2004

Go Dog Go CafeDizain poetry : 10 line stanza, 10 syllables each, ababbccdcd – hosted by Donna Matthews

FOWC – search

makeover madness ~ a rhyme

One magic weekend 
for no reason at all
my hairdresser of six years
turned a know-it-all

She announced in splendour
her twisted cause célèbre
she had picked me
for a mad makeover

Binding me intextricably
to her proposition
she took over my tresses
for reorganization

Topknot with a bouffant
part dizzy curls,part poker straight style
I crouched sullen low
and stared at the tile

Clearing her throat
then clearing the air
she revealed to me
what she'd done with my hair

The mirror shrieked
and I almost gagged
but I went and got myself
a brown paper bag


Mindfills for

Sadje’s what do you see
Go dog cafe’s promote yourself monday
MindLoveMisery’s wordle – weekend top, crouch, reason, tile, twist, magic, clear the air, cause célèbre, inextricable, splendor, proposition