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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: go dog go cafe

  • Sugar ~

    Sugar dusted indulgence!My tiny wishlist quiversSalt infused caramel syrupoozes on to this verseBreakfast bushel overflowethwith giant waffle wafersThe only proof I have of it is this story spread with plum preserve Mindfills for GoDogGo promote yourself Mondays; The daily spur ~ proof; Sadje’s what do you see; MLMs Saturday Mix giant& tiny ,salt & sugar;

  • purple ~ a haiku

    purple thunderstormssilent behind mind’s closed doors~ hope lies desolate Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS and GoDogGo Cafe‘s Tuesday writing prompt- Thunderstorm, purple, closed doors ; Autumn Kigo word – desolate

  • a bolt ~ a haiku

    a bolt of blue silk~ curtains close on morning skies veiling heaven’s eyes Mindfills for – godoggo cafe’s Tuesday writing prompt- Bolt and Veil -hosted by Amanda and Frasier

  • Scented breeze ~ a Haibun

    The afternoon sun scorches fiery yellow on clear glass windows. From inside my air conditioned office, wearing a grey suit, ready for a Zoom call from Switzerland, I stare at a screen that seems incongruous today, and wait for the host to let me in .This is mango season. Fruit vendors outside have the best […]

  • stars ~ free verse

    stars spinningin circles,fireworks in the sky,an impromptu announcementbooming through the universeto awaken youwith a spritz of magicto touch your soulwith sparks of beginningsto take you by the handand lead you in your dreamsto the infinity you are Mindfills for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt – impromptu in 48 words, Sadje’s wdys, FOWC spin, Reena’s exploration […]

  • Iris ~ a haibun

    I don’t want the world to see meI don’t think that they’ll understand…Iris plays as I click on the link. You say it reminds you of us. It’s April… many years ago. Today I walk in a strange country ~ seas, silence and a lifetime between us. Angular concrete towers and cameras keep watch over […]

  • powdered ~ prosery

    Powdered sun streams down from strange skies. Is it winter again? I graze my eyes over flimsy fallen snow. Could I, if I really try, trace that footprint I left behind? In the vault of my memories, a curtain moves, letting in a slap of cold air… air that sneaks past Time, stippling my skin […]

  • reached ~ a haiku

    reached the pinnacle~ rewriting journey in wordsagain and again Mindfills for Sadje’s wdys, go dog go cafes promote yourself mondays,

  • Tilini

    incense brings morningblossoms come out of their shellsstretching out last night*** My gratitude to Colleen, for featuring my photo on Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays, to Liyona for featuring my poem on Go Dog Go Cafe’s Halloween challenge and Cee Neuner for featuring Mindfills on Ceenphotography featured blogger for October CMMC, and to Willow for linking […]

  • shadows ~ a tanka

    shadows of the past tugged gently in by sunshine shrugs off winter ice pale pink possibilities blossom even in the shade *** Cee’s FOTD, Colleen’s Tanka Tuesdays – poet’s choice & GoDogGo cafe’s prompt – shadows of the past