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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Getting lost

  • The window ~ free verse

    The window sill still has your palm printsDoves flutter in to look for the grains you would tossJacaranda blooms ruffle out in mauve flourishTo hear you write poetry once againExcited sun-beams stop short of this roomUnsure of where to drizzle joy now Your coat hangs where you left it next to mineAnd I speak to…

  • commotion ~ a haiku

    commotion of starswalks red carpet of night skies~ thundering applause Mindfills © 2023  for Moonwashed Musings ~ commotion

  • Time ~ a senryu

    Time wanders todayfeet bare on forest dreamscape~ infinity rests Mindfills for Sadje’s WDYS

  • No two moments ~

    No two momentsin a day or a lifetimecolours me inside the sameNo love have I feltcould be captured in a poem nor by an unfallen teardropNo reflection into the pasthas ever told me about tomorrowAnd yet, here I am …feeling all of it Mindfills for Sadje’s wdys

  • It takes ~ a prosery

    It takes what it takes. To hold on or to let go. One reckless dawn, she let go. Of hope. Of trust. Of the benefit of doubt she generously, or come to think of it…stupidly, doled out, as his white lie turned grey and then to a murky, mangled mound of deception. This time, a…

  • Team

    Hexagon cells abuzz Resting worker bees startled Queen is here honey

  • Note

    wicked wild whispers, gallant vows and forevers… Note to self – Forget!!

  • Instrument2

    Slit, split, and sever your words like warheads shatter six rings of our tree

  • Pairs

    Day and night, both eyes Search high and low, inside out for that one lost sock

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