ash ~ a free verse

scent of ash
sneaking out of a memory
locked in time
warped by moments
and madness
whose embers never died
or so it seems
as the magic
of our last kiss
wafts at my cold feet
willing me
to gather
the remnants
of yesterday


Mindfills of s.s. for d’Verse quadrille hosted by Sarah Southwest- ash, and d’Verse Poetics hosted by Ingrid – ‘from a place of pain’

tell ~ a free verse

Tell me why
I'd stand in the rain
and think of days
when that rain drop touched
the both of us

Tell me why
the wind calls your name
when all is still
and the silence
is deafening

Tell me why
my skin remembers
the shivers you left
when your voice
trailed my name


Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD

left ~ a quadrille

I left the right to wrong
swerved by a surge of sentiment
or the caprice of insanity perhaps
when just for a mote of a moment
whites and blacks smudged
boundaries and barriers
I found myself
fallen but free
to err
to be human

Mindfills for

dVerse’s Mish hosts the quadrille ~ a poem of 44 words using the word ‘smudge’

A funny thing happened today.  Words on my screen said ” live the life you love”. They made their way, in a dizzy dyslexic dance, into my brain as ” live the lie you love” … and well, changed my world view and inspired this quadrille 😃

This is ~ a quadrille

this is a banyan tree
devouring time
tightening its tentacles
on creatures and creations
drilling deep into the heart of earth
sucking out the wine of life
life that knew children’s laughter
life that you and I wonder about
this banyan tree does not


mindfills of s.s. for
dVerse Quadrille hosted by Linda where we have to write a poem in exactly 44 words and including the word wine
and dVerse Poetics hosted by Lisa – Flipping meanings – Lisa asks us to play with opposites, choosing one of our OWN favorite poems and flipping it