A sliver ~ a haibun

A sliver of winter. That's all we get in the tropics. Closets come out. A pride of colours. Colours that stripe my woolen scarf, check that flowy overcoat and dot the quirky high boots I bought just for this season. I step out, wishing for snowflakes, like the ones that fell from the sky to clothe mighty mountains up north.

white fluffy overcoat
crystal drops sparkling starlight
~ winter's couture woos

Mindfills for dVerse’s Haibun Monday hosted by Frank Tassone ~ winter

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sprigs of spring ~ a haibun

I was there just last week. Walking up The Dayara Bugyal trail, through rhododendron forests, a gentle climb to high altitude meadows nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.  

Bare walnut trees, waking up, were sprouting baby green leaves. Wheat fields swayed to the rhythm of sunlight. Birds stopped to suck nectar from red rhododendrons. Dotting the landscape were these artistically gnarled leafless trees covered in pink sprays of inflorescence. Cherry? I asked in my botanic ignorance. Haha No they said. We’re not in Japan. This is Tilini.

when cherry blossoms'

pink evanescence pauses

to breathe in Spring


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dVerse – Frank Tassone’s Haibun challenge – cherry blossoms

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