stars ~ a haiku series

stars zoom across sky
shooting for cosmic movie
~ other side of town

black night to my square
sign flashing on things to do
~ hold on to your breath

Saturday morning
dream-filled eyes not open yet
~ dewdrops for breakfast

Reena’s exploration challenge
Sadje’s wdys
Cee’s FOTD

Mindfills for Reena’s exploration challenge 227, Sadje’s wdys exhale , Eugi’s weekly prompt – dewdrops, Poetic Bloomings – the end of a hard week, Cee’s FOTD

All ~ a sonnet

All it ever takes, is a single breath,
a tendril touch that leaves the heart agape,
wondrousness springing in velveteen stealth,
imbuing blush pink in every cloudscape
of my lost soul that just met its mirror
this beatific, erotic reflection
staring unblinking at the other
in the afterglow of recognition

Your eyes that look through mine and goes beyond
our time and space and imagination
into worlds we resolve to build and bond
where we are limitless; yet, we are one
merging, melding, in the infinity,
all in that one sweet breath you took with me


Mindfills of s.s. for Cee’s FOTD, OctPoRiMo – sonnet ABABCDCD EFEFG 10 syllables in each line, using words agape, erotic, breath, wondrousness, dVerse OLN, Eugi’s weekly prompt – afterglow, FOWC resolve