It takes ~ a prosery

It takes what it takes. To hold on or to let go. One reckless dawn, she let go. Of hope. Of trust. Of the benefit of doubt she generously, or come to think of it…stupidly, doled out, as his white lie turned grey and then to a murky, mangled mound of deception. This time, a slow, deliberate, beautiful anger showed up inside her, holding a mirror to her gutted soul. She wrenched this image from reality and sent it searing through a Time warp so she could label it a memory. For years now, she’d had it sliced away leaving a scar…a scar that screams scarlet…still. What made her think of him? She’d put away his shirts. She’d put away the smell of him on hers. And then today, she’d slept in long white tee that he so loved taking off. She held on.

Mindfills for dVerse Prosery hosted by Sarah Southwest. We are asked to write poetic prose of 144 words, that includes the line, “she’d had it sliced away leaving a scar”… from a poem by Michael Donaghy

she ~ a quadrille

she steps into an ever
with her suitcase of her past
moments wrapped in gossamer
to dress her sacred path

stars may whirl in cosmic dance
the moon may come apart
but she knows what her old soul celebrates
will always save her heart

Mindfills for dVerse quadrille – using the word celebrate, dVerse Poetics – ” I thought of the future, and spoke of the past.” ― Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Three Stories

Tomorrow ~ a quadrille

Tomorrow lies unspelled
strewn carelessly
across possibility
for caprice to rest
on numbered blacks and whites
of the roulette wheel
spinning in glee
to the music of tonight
as you cast a glance
at my open soul
paying a toll
for half a chance

Mindfills for dVerse quadrille – spell – hosted by Sanaa.

Truth ~ prosery

Truth is Janus faced. Silence is turbulent. The last innocent memory is psychoanalysed as the root of all sadness. Hope hides in endings, never letting go. Never moving on. Winter heals. You change your story everytime you tell it. You change yourself as you tell it. You can manifest anything. It’s also all your fault. If you fail, you don’t get to try again. Or again. These are things they don’t tell us.


Mindfills for ~ These are things they don’t tell usdVerse’s Prosery, Sadje wdys,

Scented breeze ~ a Haibun

The afternoon sun scorches fiery yellow on clear glass windows. From inside my air conditioned office, wearing a   grey suit, ready for a Zoom call from  Switzerland, I stare at a screen that seems incongruous today, and wait for the host to let me in .

This is mango season. Fruit vendors outside have the best Alphonso mangoes nestled in a bed of real straw. I picture myself later this evening, out of my grey suit, into my Indian cottons, bare feet, sitting with my family, going through each mango with bare hands, juice dripping down my wrists, tasting the best of one more summer.

scented breeze recalls
~a never again childhood
running off barefoot

D’verse – Haibun monday , hosted by Frank Tassone GoDog go cafe Tuesday writing prompt – never again, Kigo words – scented breeze, bare feet

yellow ~ prosery

Yellow lanterns of Laburnum light up that one-way street of summer love, blue skies above, and all that's you and me in this capsule of a day with no because. A gust of wind blows, petals of sunshine  swirl like a hurricane of fluffy bees. We laugh as you jump to catch a few and offer them with flair as if I were your girl. Between pages of my days, I've kept them precious till today for how can I be sure I shall see again, the world on the first of May.

Mindfills for dVerse Prosery Monday ~ Oh May