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Tag: dVerse

  • A spate ~ free verse

    A spate of childrenall shapes and temperspile up in her armsevery possible winterSunlight carriessmell of fresh breadknocks on doors of dreamsand wakes little headsNoise spreads on the tablelike butter on hot toastShe dots love on foreheadsand is always loved the most Mindfills for DVerse Poets Pub ~ grandmothers hosted by Sarah

  • When at ~ found poem

    When at 3 am I’m stirred awake,summer strewn, in a sea of clouds, huddled,Keep voice soft as nectar please;You can’t see it, a labyrinth of roots from across time;Thought is still;City oasis, a sliver of winter,touched by a moonbeam, transcends…Once upon a poem, I found my friend Mindfills for Found Poem, hosted by Laura Bloomsbury […]

  • I speak ~ a quadrille

    I speak my wordsin bold violetI’ve gone past the smilesthat showered me with debtand crossed the fate linesthat used to fill me with dreadWith the voice I’ve earnedI speak in boldViolet wisdom in stories of gold Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD; dVerse’s quadrille ( a poem of exactly 44 words) hosted by whimsygizmo ~ bold

  • Up ~ a haibun

    Up on the hill, dawn breaks into a pink smile. Something tells me this athlete runs with a novel resolve to endure the pain and complete his 10k. Two friends park their red car, sync steps and Strava, and strut off on a no-nonsense calorie burning uphill march.I walk into the first week of the […]

  • I was there ~ a quadrille

    I was therewhen the waves lapped upmy improbable storyand played along with meI was therewhen candy floss cloudsdrew a crayon sunsetjust for meI was therewhen the gateway openedflooding the infinitybetween you and me Mindfills for Sadje’s what do you see; dVerse quadrille hosted by mish ~ candy

  • Keep voice soft~MTB

    Keep voice soft as nectar pleaseLike springtime soap bubblesWhat’s happening to me?When wild wind murmurs her nameChanting night’s soothing symphonyFinger painting dreamsCalling it wisdomChurning out new daysAs indeed I indulge, concede, and say Yes!Home is closeThere’s no tomorrowAnd it’s not midnight…yet Mindfills for dVerse MTB ~ in the end is my beginning hosted by Laura. […]

  • November ~ Tanka

    November bonfiredancing with withering windsin full costumeslashes of flaming crimsonchant night’s soothing symphony Mindfills for dVerse ~ ekphrastic poetry hosted by Merril. Kigo ~ withering wind (kogarashi, early winter),bonfire (takibi, all winter).

  • candy ~ a quadrille

    Candy floss cloudstrail sirens of sunsetin foolish hopeof a maybe Twilight rainsicy blue frostdressed upin sparkles Window pane shiversimpatiently waiting for your silk voiceto melt the cold I wait for youmy winter-cozy;Come home to soupYours, warmly Mindfills for dVerse quadrille (a poem of 44 words) ~ warmly;

  • sea shells ~ free verse

    sea shells beached on white sandsin blissful after-lifecurves, curls, runesquiet in respitequiet in remembranceof an epic of earth’s music of stories swum through with the one otherof what we, even in our infinite imagination can only call fantasy Mindfills for dVerse OLN

  • crashing ~ a tanka

    crashing into bloomsbee bumbles on silly high~ drunk driving gets cellblack and yellow stripes scream loudkeep voice soft as nectar please Mindfills for FOWC high; Cee’s FOTD; dVerse Poetics ~ a drinking connection hosted by Punam