In a world we never met
one April day played on loop
why we laughed so much
no reason understood

windows down we drove
face against raindrops and reality
singing my wonderwall
running out of tune and eternity

never mind you said
all the rules…they bend
lets lock ourselves in this bubble
where April never ends

For OLN #291 dVerse hosted by Mish

This is ~ a quadrille

this is a banyan tree
devouring time
tightening its tentacles
on creatures and creations
drilling deep into the heart of earth
sucking out the wine of life
life that knew children’s laughter
life that you and I wonder about
this banyan tree does not


mindfills of s.s. for
dVerse Quadrille hosted by Linda where we have to write a poem in exactly 44 words and including the word wine
and dVerse Poetics hosted by Lisa – Flipping meanings – Lisa asks us to play with opposites, choosing one of our OWN favorite poems and flipping it

sprigs of spring ~ a haibun

I was there just last week. Walking up The Dayara Bugyal trail, through rhododendron forests, a gentle climb to high altitude meadows nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.  

Bare walnut trees, waking up, were sprouting baby green leaves. Wheat fields swayed to the rhythm of sunlight. Birds stopped to suck nectar from red rhododendrons. Dotting the landscape were these artistically gnarled leafless trees covered in pink sprays of inflorescence. Cherry? I asked in my botanic ignorance. Haha No they said. We’re not in Japan. This is Tilini.

when cherry blossoms'

pink evanescence pauses

to breathe in Spring


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse – Frank Tassone’s Haibun challenge – cherry blossoms

dVerse OLN – hosted by Lillian

dear you,

you were there
when I first felt my heart
murmuring new words
confusing, consuming
time and space
and everything in between
swiftly changing
what it means to be alive
I would not have ever known…
but because you were there
I felt my heart


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse’s Sanaa Rizvi – exploring the poetic genre – the verse epistle and this is my first

The Verse Epistle is simple to define – it is no more than a letter in verse form but its flexibility makes it difficult to encapsulate. Yet, it is that very flexibility that made it the most ideal form of the era.

Plainly speaking, the “Verse Epistle,” is a letter written in verse, usually taking as its subject either a philosophical or a romantic question.


dVerse quadrille using the word swift – hosted by Sarah Southwest


words...at the edge of utterance
poised, flustered

words... pumping out of my heart
scarlet, urgent

words... arching, aching to touch you
yet unbelonged, vulnerable

words...to risk it all
all for you to say...me too


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse Poetics – hosted by msjadeli. Ms Jade asked us to consider Millikin’s question , What is the word, the line, that cuts, that can show that edge? And write a poem on the edge and from the fringes.

sands ~ a haibun

The little fountain pond flashes fish.  We’ve brought one pora. I crumb the dry biscuit and the fish jump at it. The evening sun glints on the water. I fill my fist in my father’s right palm and look up at him. Clock? Clock. The second hand marches to a parade. Tick. Click. Pause. Tick. My father carries me high enough to see the big white face with its three needles. When the thin one reaches 12, it chimes. One loud delightful Tanngg! Its 4:30.

We walk to the first tower of the  plant. There’s a mountain of sulphur nuggets. I get to pick one and slip it into my father’s pocket. We make our way through the fertilizer factory. My father is on his evening rounds. A rusty gate lets us cross over to the beach. With much fanfare my father retrieves the sulphur nugget, strikes a match and we watch a green flame dance. My toes dig into the moist sand. I point at a distant wave touching the shore and ask my father….There! Did you see that jelly fish? And we laugh. It was our thing.

watching waves whisper
silly sweet nothings before
sands run out of time


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse – walk with me down memory lane. Lillian asks us to travel to our earliest memories.

Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays – poet’s choice


melded souls melting time
with clumsy careless words
making love
pay for reason
shutting windows
lest yearning oozes
into wanton hope
imbuing reality
with child-like promises
wanting to wander
interlacing fingers
so we forget this grief
in all its glory
in our last embrace

dVerse quadrille challenge hosted by Merrill Smith – using the word embrace