Doubt ~ a nonet

Doubt cloaked in velvet euphemism
lures her blind prey into her lair
where reason smirks in disdain
and distrust clouds the brain
to poison time’s truth
Doubt wins a prize!
…a tombstone

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This is not – a free verse

This is not ~ a free verse

This is not a banyan tree
Her arms span a hundred years
of stories as you turn her every leaf
rustling up rememberances
from her soul as she smiles
or dabs a teardrop that drips
her secret sadness to be whispered into the earth


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past perfect ~ a haibun

April. Mayfair gardens. Spring turns summer. Today would have been the day. A fresh waft of coffee coloured earth wakes me up from my what-ifs wanderings. I’d fallen asleep on page 34. The paperback lay disappointed under our great big oak with its great big shadows stretching toward a darker time. Just as you did that January afternoon when you messaged “Sorry. I don’t.”

seeped in past perfect
fragrance of frangipani
after afterwords

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alive ~ a decima

pollen to petal

…while flailing fires of feelings fight
daring to keep dreams adrift
floating on as life’s precious gift
of the next or last breath burns bright
lighting up all that’s true and right
with a stubborn will to survive
beyond the everyday and thrive
to be human in every way
be thrilled to work and dance and play and beguiled to keep hope alive…


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travels in the wild ~ a decima

music travels weird in my wild

white whimsical mind; yellows seep

whenever hues of jazz and blues weep

silver rivulets of rhythms mild,

mauves and purples flash a shy smile

strumming pink on joyous eardrums

chiming ta- ta-rum-pum-pums

to heartbeats running unstable

as crescendo hushes hazel

and soul’s rhapsody blushes plum


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Lonely comes from knowing you

liked morning to kiss your lips

lulled from dream drenched slumberings,

little aware of my heart

longing for your mulled murmurs,

lured into sweet pain of hope.

Lonely comes from knowing you


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firsts ~ a haibun

A spool of forgotten memory stirs. I’d taken my first flight ever, about to land in a place called Amsterdam, place my feet on a country other than mine. As I went clanking down the giant staircase they had wheeled to the door of the plane, a gust of winter wind hit my face like a tight slap. Born and raised in the hot hot east coast of a tropical peninsula, none of my cells had ever experienced cold. And now for the first time ever, every single one of them felt like an ice lolly.

I stepped into the warm KLM bus, and thawed into a human. That’s when I saw it. Through the windshield as wide as the world. My first snowflake. It floated like a dandelion and stayed hovering just to delight my eyes. More dandelions joined the ballet and my world wide windshield soon filled my eyes with wonder …and snow.

winter’s first snowflake

wafer thin wisp of water

waylaid by wind


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