magnetic ~ a decima

Considering we’re poles apart

and yet together we’re great,

Why do opposites attract fate?

Definitely doesn’t seem smart

especially at every  start

squishing tightly, one negative

with one exultant positive

But somehow magnetic charm

amalgamates flower and thorn

And therefore in oneness we live


d’Verse – quadrille – magnets

Ronovan Writes Decima challengefate in b

Cee’s FOTD

Reena’s exploration challenge – singularity

the more I live ~ a decima

Of Time and lifetime of a kiss

the more I live, the less I know

of moments moving fast or slow

of memories we made to miss

of ecstacy and lulling bliss

of the mulled minutes we pine for

of yesterday and tomorrow

of that one precious pink sunset

of that lifetime our lips first met

the more I live, the less I know


Linked to lulling ~ a haiku

in the fading light

time drips drops of memories

lulling reality

Written by Mindfills, s.s., for

Ronovan Writes Decima challenge – bliss in A rhyme

Sarah Southwest at dVerse’s interesting treasure hunt…  what 3words challenge. I chose pink.pine.minute

Crispina Kemp’s creative challenge #101

Time blanket ~ a quadrille

Time’s precision pendulum swings

lulling me into surrender

sweeping silly senses under

quilted blankets of beguiling

delusions of imaginings

cozily wrapped up in rainbows

warping Time through a window

into, over, future and pasts

stalling, staying, scuttling fast

TickTock TickTock. What’s fast? What’s slow?


Mindfills by s.s. for

A quadrille for Merril at d’Verse blanket

Ronovan writes – A Decima with Swing in A abbaaccddc

Reena’s exploration challenge experimental art (clock)

fate ~ a haiku

flailing into life’s

faithful and virtuous night

fate faintly fell short


Mindfills by s.s. for

Björn Rudberg from d’Verse MTB – poetry inspired by  Louise Glück, who won the Nobel for literature Prize for Literature. I used the words Faithful and virtuous night – a collection of Glück’s poetry.

Inspired also by the very interesting Google list challenge  Björn has kindly shared. I googled fate f and got fate fell short which I though was such an interesting turn of phrase, I’d never come across.

Thank you Björn Rudberg for this journey.

Cee’s FOTD

meigetsu ~ a haibun

Alex Andrews on

Skirting the emerald lake is a scraggly trail that leads to our spot. The crisp autumn air tugs at my thin leggings and at the coils of memory tucked under the sumptuous blanket of yesterday. Twilight is fast filling empty spaces between my eyes as I unravel the strings of soul crafted messages, souvenirs from our past, pages yellowed like the gold entwined on the emrald lake for just that precious moment as sunset and  moonrise hug on the lake… a Renaissance painting commemorating our Coup de Foudre.


moon of melded gold

trails close behind sweet sunset

imbuing her blush


Mindfills by s.s. for

Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge #158meigetsu ( harvest moon)

d’Verse Haibun Monday, also hosted by Frank Tassone

MindLoveMisery’s wordle Meld Coil Tuck Sumptuous Gold Empty Crisp Renaissance Souvenir Thumb Leggings Coup de Foudre- “love at first sight”

girl interrupted

a protest poetry

My blood on your hands father

screaming in scarlet rage

inks today in red letter

crimson sacrilege

My blood on your tied hands mother

crusts, maroons you and me

and yet, we can protest

damn destiny

My blood on your hands Country

courses carmine in citizens

Will you stop the massacre?

your daughter asks


Written by Mindfills s.s. for

d’Verse MTB – Protest poetry. A voice against female foeticide. Thank you Grace at dVerse for such a powerful inspiration.  

Reena’s exploration challenge #154 – background

outside the inside

A Catrin Welz-Stein’s image
exploring webbed realms
wide-eyed wonder flows slow 
outside the inside
freeing young fury
curls of ideology
new identity
midnight wisdom storms
gift wrapped existence
still breathing for more


Written by Mindfills s.s. for

Poetic Bloomings – My life in words – an auto-biography broken up into three chapters… three brief (titled) poems

Ronovan’s Haiku challenge – fury and slow . A haiku sequence

dVerse Poetics hosted by Lillian….Write a poem motivated by one of Catrin Welz-Stein’s images



Under a sky shouting lightbulbs

I sit, my once strong man hands sunk deep

inured to sight or touch of love or lovers

quagmired in the undesirable nadir of thoughts, of setbacks

I want look up at the cool milky-way again….and imagine stars


Mindfills by s.s. for

Sadje’s what do you see

d’Verse – quadrille (a poem of 44 words) – Sky

MindLoveMisery’s wordle – milk man deep inure lover setback sight cool strong touch hands nadir undesirable