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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Discover

  • Wish

    We lock our forever wish two innocents, too innocent for consequence cavorting intrepid, blushed in fuschia florets of insouciant love Labyrinthine lecherous Cosmos laughs…’entertain me’ he says pleasure me, fall into fatemy gargoyles spout into you Fate, hope, promise whatever!  we interlace fingers, skin, soul… We lock our forever wish * JibberJabber – wish & Thursday…

  • Notion

    Our notions of peace bridge over troubled waters never looking down * Mindfills for Linda’s one liner Wednesday – peace & Cee’s FOTD & FOWC Notion

  • Hey – a Tanka

    She sat on the kerb cold, scarred, homeless, bindlestiff and he just said Hey ~ a notch on a stark cliff face her toe curled to stay alive * Mindfills for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesdays “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of…

  • She

    she blows silly faces into wild willow-the-wisps ~pockets of childhood renewing my cells and soul breathless with life’s innocence Mindfills on MindLoveMisery’s photo challenge #317 & Eugi’s weekly prompt Renewal

  • Birched

    Birched soundly for smoking the hamster I took off running for the foliage shelter in earnest pursuit of the hesitant areomancer who looked at my shoes how I wished it were fancier Like the one that she wore that meritricious dream-seller keeping people hooked by talking about the weather! * Mindfills for MindLoveMisery’s wordle earnestawakefoliageaeromancymeretriciousshoesrunningbirchhamstersmokesleephesitate

  • Shadow’s shortcut

    Bending my corners conjoined flexuous shadow finds permanent shortcut FOWC – shortcut & JibberJabber Sue’s Shadow & Cee’s FOTD &

  • circumlocution

    assiduously avoiding acrimonies ~ forever in orbit Shweta’s 6wsp – Forever and Debbie’s 6ws – orbit

  • A downpour of nonsense

    I hold an eight-coloured umbrella upside-down, letting bulbous water pockets splotch into the bowl but only from yellow segments – like lime-wedges you plug beer with, but yellower – on which CurvaceousCanary perches superciliously, also a little precariously, loses its lahdidah ballet-dancer poise and falls ungracefully into Soup D’Monsoon Petrichor, just when CovidCat gets guts…

  • waist deep

    Scarlet wishings dance on her undulations ~ waist deep in sacrilege Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD – Wishing & JibberJabber’s – Dance

  • Silliness

    My rheumy roomie melancholy Meg whined and wined but drank a whole keg The Barman blew his really short fuse maniacal madness then ensued Meg was a mess more than a little depressed in her high waisted roomy pants stayed wasted through the barman’s rants * Mindfills – silliness for Fandango’s FOWC – Maniac &…

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