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Tag: Discover

  • mercury ~ a haiku

    mercury riseshazy moon misses star’s debut~ he’s on spring break For I believe April 17th is Haiku Day ; #kigo ~hazy moon (oborozuki, all spring) Mindfills © 2023  

  • smouldering ~ a troiku

    smouldering tempestsclouds line up fire hydrantsrain-drenched in mischiefsmouldering tempestsred fury firmly reined inif only for nowclouds line up fire hydrantsdressed in electric orangefanning other flamesrain-drenched in mischiefthunder strikes lightning in funmaking heavens cry For Murisopsis ~ Nonce forms scavenger hunt – Troiku; NaPoRiMo~ Day 16 Mindfills © 2023   Troiku by Chevrefeuille – this poem consists of an initial…

  • Temple pond ~ a Sijo

    Temple pond bathes in sunrise, just in time for the koi to play,Flailing fins wake lotus; a pearl of water rolls off lotus leafTouched, lotus pond shivers; ripples echo like the temple bell For Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ play; Cee’s FOTD; NaPoRiMo ~ day 12 Mindfills © 2023   Sijo

  • freckled ~ a haiku

    freckled white lilybasking in summer’s last looks~ bittersweet goodbye For Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ picture prompt – Terri Webster Schrandt Mindfills © 2023  

  • new dawn ~ a haiku

    new dawn cracks open oozes golden sunlighton baby twitters For Reena’s Exploration Challenge ; NaPoRiMo day 8; # kigo ~ twittering (saezuri, all spring). Of birds Mindfills © 2023  

  • stone skimming ~ a sijo

    Stone skimming surface of placid pellucid lake, once…twice…thriceRipples ricochet to the shores and back again,to…fro…flowEnchanted, distracted, I sense you ~ here… there…everywhere *** For Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ distraction Mindfills © 2023   Sijo Within each of the three lines there is usually a pause.

  • Beauty ~ American Sentence

    Beauty within, without question, touches all within this universe. *** For David’s W3 ~ Aishwarya, this week’s brilliant winner, asks us to write an American sentence on Beauty. And for NaPoRiMo Day 5 Mindfills © 2023  

  • In charge of hell ~ a triolet

    Today I was in charge of hellI had to control school trafficKids,cars,cycles…none use a bellToday I was in charge of hellSkies,pride, my grades,…all of them fellKeeling on the verge of panicToday I was in charge..of HELLI had to control school traffic! For NaPoRiMo ~ write a triolet; Reena’s Exploration Challenge ~ in charge of hell…

  • wind chimes ~ free verse

    Wind chimes in the afternoon Windows let them in to browsePages turned to see what’s upWhen the clock woke up and struckGrandpa’s photograph knew it allEven the invisible footfallWater in the blue vases stirredI slept on undeterred For Sadje’s wdys Mindfills © 2023  

  • I crumble ~

    I crumble, pour out of youDifferent, released out of the fringesBoth leave alone realityBoth close on the verge Original Poem ~ by Margaret Atwood you fit into melike a hook into an eyea fish hookan open eye  For NaPoRiMo Apr3 ~ take a poem apart, and turn each word into it’s opposite. I used Word…

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