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Tag: Discover

  • Hey ~ a nonet

    “Hey, what’s up my darling princess”With a heart emoji, I sendMy text shoots straight for her heartWhat? She’s not answering?I saw the blue ticks!She’s ignored it!I’ll go first.Unfriend!End. Mindfills © 2023  for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday ~ ekphrastic. I agree with Colleen…does look like she’s holding a phone!

  • Through ~ free verse

    Through red rhododendron roots that healPeppered with wisdom of melting winter iceDrenched in voices rejoicing all of lifeAnd beyond where only imagination roamsIn ripples that ricochet from the echo of cavesWhere creatures speak of us with wonderThe spring gurgles new waters todayWarm sweet waters from ancient lores Mindfills © 2023  for Sadje’s What do you see

  • Becoming more selves ~ a tapestry

    Partners in rhyme David of The Skeptic’s Kaddish and I have been writing poetry together for two years. We’ve done several series of poetry, including: Tapestry poetry David came across a form of collaborative poetry designed by a pair of poets, by delightful coincidence, one from India, (Shernaz Wadia) and the other from Israel (Avril…

  • Over the rainbow ~ The zig-zag sonnet

    Over the rainbow I flew happilyLanded in grey and rainy ManchesterHad not packed my pair of WellingtonsAt my forgetful self I was so madAirport Cabbie took a Byzantine routeWhen I asked, he gave a snarky retortMy cream Cashmere was drenched and I shiveredIt kept my temper up and humour wryShould I stop for an appealing…

  • The clouds ~ free verse

    The clouds cried outThe cries died outShe could only seeOne realityWhen his hand reached outShe had no doubtNo proof to evaluateBut she did not hesitateNo promise was madeNo condition laidWhen their eyes met firstThey were bound by trust Mindfills © 2023  for Sadje’s #whatdoyousee ; NaPoRiMo Day 24

  • Listen ~ free verse

    Listen to the unutteredListen for it…Unconsummated cravingscreep into confessionsof another kindin a languagecaught,caged,fed with fear;Everywhere ears hear,see, seek, storiesstories of the unspoken For Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt ~ confessions (33 words); Mindfills © 2023  

  • To ~ an American sentence

    To experience something wholly, don’t ask why or why not. Mindfills © 2023 for Cee’s FOTD; NaPoRiMo ~ Day 23; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ “Developing quotations often sparks inspiration!” ― Steven Magee American Sentence ~ Invented by Allen Ginsberg. An American haiku variation. 17 syllables written in a sentence.

  • Driving ~ M’s Dizzy

    Driving to work on a Monday morning,Traffic lights taunt with their lipstick scarletYoung bikes whizz past my four-wheeled elderlyNo coffee yet, I’m nearly faintingDizzy with hunger, I try to forgetI’m reeling, revving, rushing rapidly,Hope I don’t get a ticket for speedingMy aged vehicle will be upsetYou won’t believe what happened finallyTell you later…The big boss…

  • courage ~ a haiku

    white dandelionsgathering courage from windsgo beyondering For NaPoRiMo Day 21 ~ write a poem with a word you have invented. My word is Beyondering. Choose the topic of the poem from the list given for day 21. Mindfills © 2023  

  • Look here ~ a Mouse

    Look here Esteemed PoetsI am dumbfoundedly Mouse-trappedMuse leftWithout goodbyesInstead, with cheesy platitudesPliz readForgiving meFor any spelling errata For Murisopsis ~ Nonce poetry forms scavenger hunt – The mouse…well, 3 Mice; NaPoRiMo~ Day 21 Mindfills © 2023   . The Mouse by Michael “Mouse” Murdoch – a 3 line poem with a title written all in lower case. The title is the…

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