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Tag: Discover Prompts

  • yellow ~ prosery

    Yellow lanterns of Laburnum light up that one-way street of summer love, blue skies above, and all that’s you and me in this capsule of a day with no because. A gust of wind blows, petals of sunshine swirl like a hurricane of fluffy bees. We laugh as you jump to catch a few and […]

  • when wonder ~ a haiku

    when wonder pausesdreams drifting on a snowflake~how gently time falls *** mindfills

  • dear you,

    you were therewhen I first felt my heartmurmuring new wordsconfusing, consumingtime and spaceand everything in betweenswiftly changingwhat it means to be aliveI would not have ever known…but because you were thereI felt my heart *** Mindfills of s.s. for dVerse’s Sanaa Rizvi – exploring the poetic genre – the verse epistle and this is my […]

  • first light ~ a haiku

    dropping from blue skiesone last winter sprig sunbathesin first light of spring *** Mindfills of s.s. forCee’s FOTD

  • waters warming ~ a haiku

    spring~ waters warming,longing to float desireson new paper boats *** Mindfills by s.s. for Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge – 3/6 waters warming (mizu nurumu) Colleen’s Tanka Tuesdays – eager(longing) and hope ( desire) – synonyms only

  • the way down ~ a decima

    from mountain tops my journey startsskiing, spraying powder white snowsprinkling sunkissed glee on the goskirting trees, through hurdles I dartleaving footprints on nature’s art sliding slopes till the day is doneliving the moment on the runfalling in love with surrendermaking a note to rememberthe way down can be just as fun *** Mindfills by s.s. […]

  • words

    words…at the edge of utterancepoised, flusteredwords… pumping out of my heartscarlet, urgentwords… arching, aching to touch youyet unbelonged, vulnerablewords…to risk it all all for you to say…me too *** Mindfills of s.s. for dVerse Poetics – hosted by msjadeli. Ms Jade asked us to consider Millikin’s question , What is the word, the line, that […]

  • my blue iris ~ a tanka

    my blue iris wakesherself from winter slumber wanting more this time  while old promises still liehope refuses to lie still *** Mindfills of s.s. for Cee’s FOTD

  • words flow ~ a nonet

    Words flow from your vivid velvet lips leaping over shoulds and shouldn’ts coursing through my venal veins altering my mirror pleasing my senses deceiving truths causing awe your words flow … Mindfills of s.s. for Reena’s exploration challenge – Flow MindLoveMisery’s same same but different – use synonyms of change (alter), effect (cause), skip(leap), betray(deceive), […]

  • dousing ~ a senryu

    dousing poppy perfumestrewing scarlet secret whimsshe wanders my mind *** Mindfills of s.s. forCee’s FOTD d’Verse OLN hosted by Bjorn. Thank you for putting up the link for those who couldn’t join 🙏