yellow ~ prosery

Yellow lanterns of Laburnum light up that one-way street of summer love, blue skies above, and all that's you and me in this capsule of a day with no because. A gust of wind blows, petals of sunshine  swirl like a hurricane of fluffy bees. We laugh as you jump to catch a few and offer them with flair as if I were your girl. Between pages of my days, I've kept them precious till today for how can I be sure I shall see again, the world on the first of May.

Mindfills for dVerse Prosery Monday ~ Oh May

dear you,

you were there
when I first felt my heart
murmuring new words
confusing, consuming
time and space
and everything in between
swiftly changing
what it means to be alive
I would not have ever known…
but because you were there
I felt my heart


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse’s Sanaa Rizvi – exploring the poetic genre – the verse epistle and this is my first

The Verse Epistle is simple to define โ€“ it is no more than a letter in verse form but its flexibility makes it difficult to encapsulate. Yet, it is that very flexibility that made it the most ideal form of the era.

Plainly speaking, the โ€œVerse Epistle,โ€ is a letter written in verse, usually taking as its subject either a philosophical or a romantic question.


dVerse quadrille using the word swift – hosted by Sarah Southwest

the way down ~ a decima

from mountain tops my journey starts
skiing, spraying powder white snow
sprinkling sunkissed glee on the go
skirting trees, through hurdles I dart
leaving footprints on nature's art sliding slopes till the day is done
living the moment on the run
falling in love with surrender
making a note to remember
the way down can be just as fun


Mindfills by s.s. for

Ronovan’s Decima challengeStart in A rhyme. Abbaaccddc.

Reena’s exploration challenge – In this week, write a story/anecdote/non-fiction piece which does not involve a woman.

MindLoveMisery’s Neeraj hosts this photo challenge

words the edge of utterance
poised, flustered

words... pumping out of my heart
scarlet, urgent

words... arching, aching to touch you
yet unbelonged, vulnerable risk it all
all for you to too


Mindfills of s.s. for

dVerse Poetics – hosted by msjadeli. Ms Jade asked us to consider Millikin’s question , What is the word, the line, that cuts, that can show that edge? And write a poem on the edge and from the fringes.

words flow ~ a nonet

Feb 2021

Words flow from your vivid velvet lips

leaping over shoulds and shouldn’ts

coursing through my venal veins

altering my mirror

pleasing my senses

deceiving truths

causing awe

your words


Mindfills of s.s. for

Reena’s exploration challenge – Flow

MindLoveMisery’s same same but different – use synonyms of change (alter), effect (cause), skip(leap), betray(deceive), wonder(awe)

Cee’s FOTD