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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday

  • Beneath

    Cavalier swords or were they words that sliced plunging paradise splitting livid earths open while fury bubbled beneath Colleen’s Tanka Tuesdays

  • Time dances

    sun circles segue sonorous in dulcet dance, blithe evanescence ~eternity tick-tocks clock set to apocalypse Sue Vincent’s writephoto – Dance & Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday – synonym transition – (segue, evanesce) and harmony (sonorous, dulcet) & Fandango’s FOWC – circle

  • cast iron penguin

    your letter walks in wrecking equanimity rejigging mind mines, needling Hope – my cast iron penguin – to soar cerulean skies 🐧 For challenges FOWC Iron & JibberJabber Sue’s – Letter

  • Tanka

    stringing my delusions through caverns and candlelight hum my opiate birds of paradise prancing in stark crimson desire Tanka written in response to …. MindLoveMisery’s photo challenge #314 Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #176

  • The day after

    Dust, please don’t settle, Air breathed last hovers – still undecided In response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge