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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: cinquain

  • Grief ~ a crown cinquain

    Summerdrenched in sea salt,caramel promises,conch shell concertos, slow dancingwith youWith youdisappearingyearning, a dirty wordfury, a furnace inside burnsstoriesStoriesof justice liein dank market-placesbartering lost souls for cheap bribesof loveOf lovethe scribe etcheswith nails, in veins of dark,cold blood that drags down to near deathtwo wordsTwo words,twining tendrilsof squandered hope, stand still,till Time stops its cycle to […]

  • incense ~ a cinquain

    scentedevanescentpromise of forevercolouring redolent futuresincense *** Mindfills of s.s. for MindLoveMisery’s Fan favourite lucky dip challenge – Cinquain Cee’s FOTD the word incense