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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Tag: Cee’s FOTD

  • Beauty ~ free verse

    Beauty, breathtakingly hypnoticTime, a stroboscopic narcoticHuman, relinquish resistanceRise above dubious existence For Moonwashed Musings ~ dubious. Sammi Scribbles ~ breathtaking (14 words); dVerse OLN; Reena’s exploration challenge ~ word cloud – hypnosis, trance, entrainment, wavelength,stroboscopic; FOWC ~ relinquish; Cee’s FOTD Mindfills © 2023  

  • memories ~ a senryu

    memories like veinsradiate intoxicatedhindering heartbeats Cee’s FOTD; FOWC hinder; RDP radiate

  • worship ~ a haiku

    windswept lotuses venerating worshipper – in serenity *** Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD . This is a repost from May 2020.

  • first ~ a haiku

    first dream unfurlsflower tastes morning dewdrops~ petal by petal Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD ~ Dahlia; kigo ~ first dream (hatsuyume, New Year Reblogged on by Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes

  • light snow ~ haiku

    light snow melting fastred plum blossoms come to playby the bubbling creek Ronovan Writes haiku ~ bubbling and creek; kigo~ light snow (awayuki, all spring); red plum (blossoms*) (kobai, early spring); Cee’s FOTD

  • awakening ~ haiku

    awakening budssunlight touches tenderly~ first spring gust can’t wait Mindfills for #kigo ~ first spring gust (haru ichiban, early/mid spring); Cee’s FOTD

  • I speak ~ a quadrille

    I speak my wordsin bold violetI’ve gone past the smilesthat showered me with debtand crossed the fate linesthat used to fill me with dreadWith the voice I’ve earnedI speak in boldViolet wisdom in stories of gold Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD; dVerse’s quadrille ( a poem of exactly 44 words) hosted by whimsygizmo ~ bold

  • lilac ~ haiku

    lilac flower fluff swaying on sugarcane fields ~ wind chimes sometimes ting Mindfills for Cee’s FOTD

  • peeling ~ a sijo

    peeling away at the present, a knife of nostalgia one giddy delusion, neatly sliced into photographsopen wedding album; overcome your reality Mindfills for Ronovan Writes Sijo ~ overcome; Cee’s FOTD Sijo

  • crushed ~ haiku

    crushed jasmine petalsreleasing long held incense~new dawn bottles joy Mindfills for Moonwashed Musings ~ new dawnings; Cee’s FOTD

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