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Getting lost is not a waste of time

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  • Focus

    your smile shouts sunbeams, blinding me through incense dew – I didn’t see the others

  • Team

    Hexagon cells abuzz Resting worker bees startled Queen is here honey

  • Street #day 4 prompt

    Streets, like old gnarled trunks, blamed for splitting pavements, sigh – still ferrying life

  • Was that a knock?

    Was that a knock, grim reaper? Your rancor on a chance harvesting spree 27 04 20 In response to First Line Fridays

  • Lost

    Lost you; Found my worlds In plague 27 04 20

  • Hidden #2

    Sun shy of lights on, closing eyes, slipping into West’s wanton embrace

  • Hidden

    Violet shadowed eyes lips blooming crimson; Ice them and wear your veil wife

  • Tree

    Wind chimes, rustling leaves whisper sweet nothings across their own world wide web 26 04 20

  • Haiga

    Whispers seeping out from this wizened weary earth colour my nails blue with secrets interred  long before yesterday died 26 04 20 – Hidden First attempt at Tanka written in response to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday. Thanks Thoughts and entanglements

  • Song #2

    windows down, happy high, singing unhinged, our first song puzzled we’re now us

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