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My grandma’s garden ~ a PhoneColl

My grandma's garden
Giant chrysanthemums rose over my head
I was just five then
The sun there rose to the smell of fresh bread
I'd go there again!
To listen to Grandma's stories in bed
Weave a daisy chain
Maybe I'll see her with her lipstick red
Calling out my name

For Colleen Cheesebro’s Birthday Tanka Tuesday ~ This week’s challenge is to create a syllabic form with 65 syllables, or a combination of words that amount to 65. I created the PhoneColl; Marsha Ingrao’s #WQ ~ tour guide – write about a place you know or a place you would like to go; Cee’s FOTD; NaPoRiMo ~ day 18


  • 9 line poem
  • Lines 1,3,5,7,9 ~ 5 syllables
  • Lines 2,4,6,8 ~ 10 syllables
  • Rhyme scheme ~ ababababa

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34 responses to “My grandma’s garden ~ a PhoneColl”

  1. Sangeetha, what a gem you have here in this gorgeous photo and poem filled with memories. This is definitely one to tessellate! 🙂 Thanks for linking to WQ this week. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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