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Getting lost is not a waste of time

rainbow ~


dots to my window
slush to my wheels
I put my face up
to see how it feels


curve of the sky
paint-brushed with light
from heaven's bow
magic aglow


varicoloured band
for the sky to wear
when she feels happy
and pirouettes with flair

For dVerse MTB – To write on Compound words – when two (or more) words are joined, creating a different word with another distinct meaning. I chose rain, bow and rainbow

Mindfills © 2023  


12 responses to “rainbow ~”

  1. Encountered (and, yes, sometimes I ignore “teaser” signs, even on glass doors) the tag line under the logo: Getting Lost is not (always?) a waste of time. I most heartily approve. In fact, I specialize in finding lost moments, sometimes lasting months. (I am of sufficient semi-Luddite stamp I was unsure how to post the above comment. Perhaps to atone I shall lose myself en route from this library computer carrel. Again – even if for the first time – my thanks for reminding me of this favorite investment in time-spending.

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    • I love it! Thanks for writing in. It is when we wander that we find ourselves…or we find at all 😉
      ‘Getting lost is not a waste of time’ is from a song by Jack Johnson.

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      • Thanks, S.S., for the etiology of the Jack Johnson lyric. But I must to mortal paths flee: We are in a dry patch and my seedlings of tomatoes and peppers of all stripes claim their share of my time…after which I promise to get lost. Again.

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          • Only a very few times have I been able to lose myself completely with tomatoes: lugging around a black pepper grinder and a small bucket of kosher salt along with a knife to seamless sever said fruit from its parent…and then the clamor from the rest of the “walking salad” brings me back to the moment: I forgot the olive oil and wine-vinegar “dunk”. But all is not lost: a nice bit of beard catches the juice and a few jalapeno seeds sit on gray curls wanting some saliva. A chunk of bread, a radish or seven, bite into a sweet red bell pepper brought through winter months out-of-season is reward enough to conti9nue walking away from the “super” market with its too-known paths. I go. J


    • I once saw a full circle rainbow from a flight…think I’m going to call them rainrings from now
      🙂Happy you liked it!


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