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Creativity Forms Verses ~ Keywyrd

David  of The Skeptic’s Kaddish and Sangeetha of Mindfills began a fun poetry partnership in April. We celebrated writing together a 100 verse renga The HyakuinRipples.  And within days, decided we would absolutely love to continue our writing collaboration and celebrate what has grown to be a warm friendship with new poetry projects.

We decided to explore poetry forms. A to Z. Each week one of us chooses a poetry form the other responds to. We completed our first series Form verses creativity in June ’22. We knew we’re on to something. So we wrote the next set of poetry forms A to Z ~ Creativity Verses Form. Here, we added a little twist for version2.0, with a key word starting with the same letter.

And now, and in December ’22, we’re onto our fourth collaborative writing project ~ Creativity Forms Verses. To form verses, we turned to creativity, inventing new poetry forms, A through to Z.

For ‘K’, David created the ‘Keywyrd’ form.

K: Keywyrd
David’s Keywyrd
True deceivers and heathens; every
end throughout history decreed and
arranged; direful truth effected; humanity
huddled desperately at the edge;
eternity's threshold devours all hope
  • Keyword: D.E.A.T.H.
Sangeetha’s Keywyrd
Endings rankle faith in goodness;
inevitable gloom forebodes, eschewing reason;
regret inches forward, gathering evidence;
emotions, feelings, glum; reality, inconsolable
I go feeble, remembering endings
  • Keyword: G.R.I.E.F.

  • Select a keyword with five distinct letters (no double letters);
  • The Keywyrd poetic form has five lines;
    • Each line has five words;
    • Each of the five words in every line must begin with a different one of the letters that spell the keyword, but not necessarily in order;
  • You cannot use your selected keyword or any form of it in the poem;
    • The content of the poem should relate to your selected keyword without actually mentioning it.

David & Sangeetha’s ‘Creativity forms verses’

A ~ Atoz 

B ~ Beyonder

C~ Clackackonance

D~ Doremido

E~ Ex

F ~ Fibonacci Sapta

G ~ Golden Drill

H ~ Helipad

I ~ Inetersperse

J ~ Juxtadecasec

K ~Keywyrd


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