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Autumn’s voice ~ a haibun

Today, the morning sun whispers hesitantly, apologetically shooting a ray to separate our shadows. The now desolate morning glory trail knows us, as do our skins. On fallen red leaves, we tread, blood draining to our matching shoes. Someone has hung a lantern on the chestnut tree with our names on it. Tomorrow, after the last long night of standing true, it will not remember us.

red curtains rustle
last leaf lifts her voice to sing
Autumn's saddest song


Mindfills for dVerse Haibun ~ Autumn’s voice aki no koe

Kigo words ~ desolate (susamajilate autumn), dew frost (tsuyujimolate autumn), long night (yonagaall autumn), lantern (toorooearly autumn), red leaves (momijilate autumn), morning-glory (asagaoearly autumn).chestnuts (kurilate autumn).


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