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Swept away ~ prosery

Swept away by her breathless beauty, I strayed into heaven. I could see her outline etched, as she sashayed under the cherry moon , the opalescent white of her diaphanous skirt blinding my realities. She walked into fairy lights. I followed her. In the streets of the sky, night walks scattering poems. I picked a wild one, one that didn't fall in line, or rhyme. I raced against my directionless words that were gushing to reach her. She didn't care. She was sitting with her sisters,the stars, telling her story. Of me. The stars giggled and stirred, in Cassiopeia's crystal cauldron, a cocktail, the colour of night.
Even if you don't, even now, I know who killed me.

dVerse Prosery ~ In the street of the sky night walks scattering poems.’ e.e.cummings; dVerse Poetics ~ writing on razzies – Under the Cherry Moon ,Cocktail, Swept Away,I Know Who Killed Me;Moonwashed Musings ~ directionless


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