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Creativity Verses Form ~ Trianglet

David  of The Skeptic’s Kaddish and I began a fun poetry partnership in April. We celebrated writing together a 100 verse renga, The Hyakuin  And within days, decided we would absolutely love to continue our writing collaboration and what has grown to be a warm friendship with a new poetry project.

We decided to explore poetry forms. A to Z. Each week one of us chooses a poetry form the other responds to. We completed our first series Form verses creativity in June ’22. And we’re now on to the next set of poetry forms A to Z ~ Creativity Verses Form. We added a little twist for version2.0, with a key word starting with the same letter.

For ‘T’, Sangeetha selected the ‘Trianglet’ form and the keyword ‘Time’.

T: Trianglet

Sangeetha’s Trianglet

ran wild
in wonder,
blind to reason,
till a memory
in infinity,
of a moment,

David’s Trianglet

As it well knows
We live heedlessly,
Killing needlessly
For vain reward.
Why must we
waste our


  • A decastich: a poem in 10 lines;
  • Syllabic: 1-2-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1 syllables per line.
  • Rhymed: rhyme scheme AbcxddxcbA
  • First word repeated as last word.

Read all the poems in our series ~ Creativity Verses Form where we explore poetry forms


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