synesthetic ~ a dizain

Techno music waves crashlanding
seashell white fairy lights on sands;
Live-wire lilac's dirty dancing
with lurid green shoes to loud bands
sparking off red rumours I see;
Glitter falls on black and white beats,
pink ting-ting on piano keys
~ I am only crossing the street

Skeptic’s Kaddish W3 challenge by Murisopsis ~ Dizain on synesthesia,

Muri’s prompt guidelines
Write a Dizain poem from the perspective of somebody who has synesthesia.
Two accepted forms:
Eight lines: Rhyming a/b/a/b/c/d/c/d, or:
Ten Lines: Rhyming a/b/a/b/b/c/c/d/c/d
Syllabic: 8 or 10 syllables in each line (each line being of the same length).

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