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In the throes ~ a Donna

In the throes of a warm embrace
I spoke her name..."Oh Sue"
Or so I thought
But it was not
Her voice turned icy blue

I could hear her raging red blood
cut right through like a knife
singeing silence
her ire intense
slow burning me for life

Mindfills for Tanka Tuesday ~ colour in syllabic poetry ; FOWC embrace; Murisopsis scavenger hunt~ the Donna ~ stanzaic, written in any number of quintains, syllabic, lines of 8/6/4/4/6.
rhyme xabba, xcddc etc.


12 responses to “In the throes ~ a Donna”

  1. Well, that is clever! The poem itself is hilarious, yet so tragic. Haven’t we all used the wrong name at one time or another? Although, hopefully not at such an important time! The Donna is new one for me to learn now.

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